Dr. butcher has dispelled the myths of modern medicine: 3 main advice on how to keep health!

Butchers Alexander is a well — known cardiologist, family doctor, writer, and host of the popular programmes on medical subjects.

Is a doctor with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. His medical career began with work in Mozambique and Angola, where Alexander worked as a surgeon at the geological party. The butchers has long had a medical practice in Russia, where he visited the position of chief physician of the Kremlin hospital.

Now Alexander Myasnikov is the head of the Moscow city clinical hospital. Radkevich. The main purpose of his life, the doctor considers work to increase health literacy among people and also assistance in the acquisition of knowledge about longevity and healthy lifestyle.

Today our editorial team will share with you the famous doctor about the most common myths of modern medicine, I hope these tips are useful to you.

Myths of medicine
  1. The only effective remedy for the common cold — a strong immune system.

    Many people mistakenly believe that colds can save them once touted by TV tablet. The doctor says with a cold do not need to fight during the course of the disease, but for a few months before. You should understand that medicines for improving immunity does not exist. If they existed, many diseases, including AIDS, would not be a threat to society.

  2. There is no disease such as dysbiosis.

    Abroad, doctors don't understand what it means to our diagnosis — a dysbacteriosis. Foreign patients also indigestion, but experienced professionals know that this may hide dozens of reasons. We have all attributed to dysbiosis. The doctor says that dysbiosis can not be identified as a separate disease.

  3. The food industry is killing us even more than pharmaceutical.

    Many people are mistaken believing that they lead a healthy lifestyle. The doctor insists that you need to focus on proper nutrition: every day the person should eat a pound of vegetables and fruit, combining them with meat and fish. A mandatory element of a healthy lifestyle should be physical activity: 40 minutes 5 times a week.

3 main advice from the doctor Myasnikov on how to maintain health
  1. Tip # 1.

    In any case it is not necessary to feel sorry for yourself! Need more to move and not to pamper the stomach, a variety of pastries and sweets. Should once and for all forget about the Elevator! If you live on the 18th floor, walk up at least a third. The doctor says that even with a knife in the back you can crawl to the second floor, so as little as possible to afford a trip on the Elevator.
  2. Tip # 2

    Don't trust the advertising of medicines! 95% of advertised drugs is completely ineffective.
  3. Tip # 3

    Do not worry about the future. Because a stressful situation will only aggravate the course of various diseases. You should live for today but to live right.

Let your house do not leave health, luck and good mood... Wish you only deal with doctors from God!

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