This, perhaps, is a happy occasion

My Sorority sisters Larissa fell gravely ill mother. First Larissa hired nurses, but when things got really bad, she made the sick and cared for the mother herself. In order to cope with the situation and to remain adequate despite the sleepless nights and the whims of a seriously ill person, I remember studying in art school and started to draw.

At the same time, another of our classmate Mary wrote a children's book and asked Larisa to draw a few illustrations.And somehow they are all very fast and good. Agreed with the publishing house, agreed work schedule, the timing. One morning he calls the Secretary and says that leaves the courier with documentsthat really need to go to sign. What Larisa says that time she had exactly 2 hours and then have to take mom to the hospital.

The courier knocked on the door after 2 hours and 15 minutes. Just a kid, 16 years. Larissa gave him the papers and suddenly burst into tears. All that was experienced during these six months, she gave the boy. All the sleepless nights, all the conversations with doctors, rudeness of nurses. What doctors do not treat, but just pull the money from chemo worse that the mom from a kind and loving turned into a demon, hurling bowls of soup. The Professor to whom she's trying to get the third month, not picking up, and now she'll be late to the reception.

"Don't shout, please, I'll go with you, all will be well," said the boy. And Larisa gave up. Wearing a hat helped my mother down in the car. In the hallway of the hospital, the courier suddenly disappeared. Disappeared. Gone. Larissa tried to find someone from the medical staff, but it was assistant Professor and took mom into the office. After 4 hours he went to the Professor and said leave my mom in the hospital, that's not so bad, be patient, things will get better soon. "Just, please, don't cry".

It's been almost 11 years. My mother is still alive. Larissa draws. Married to assistant Professor and had two sons. I could figure out what she was trying to find a courier, and he seemed to have vanished,and no one ever about it heard nothing, and then all would think he was an angel. But no. His name is Pasha, he has now graduated from medical University and became a surgeon. His mom is the head nurse in this hospital. And here is an incredible coincidence.

Magic happens every day. And all these real life stories are much steeper than those in the movies. Is there a secret? I don't know. Once Larissa admitted that he every day prayed to the Creator that if it is meant to be happy, then he will send her the man she will love. And clearly stipulated itinerary: hospital, home, pharmacy.

I once tried to imagine a happy event in the form of a man, who comes to us in the most difficult days. Sometimes it's a fellow traveler on the train. Sometimes a passer-by. Sometimes a friend. Sometimes the enemy. He just takes our hand and holds the shortest route to the place where a miracle happens.

P. S. And whether there were at you such stories, when his Majesty the case of my unexpected arrival changed all my life plans?

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Author Elena Pasternak

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