12 foods that will raise testosterone levels and adds +100 to masculinity

Proper nutrition does wonders not only with our figure and health, but also from a hormonal background. Thus, the use of number of products increases the level of testosterone — the hormone that makes men more attractive to women.

The website have compiled for you a list of what you need to include in your diet to conquer a woman's heart and feel great about it.


Nutritionists are still arguing about the harm and benefits of meat and how to consume, but one thing is for sure — the meat increases testosterone levels. It is better to choose the least fatty pieces and not eat it every day, trying to substitute other foods rich in protein.


Lobster, crab and shrimp — all this can be added to pasta, rice, salads, or prepare them a separate meal. These products contain substances that increase the levels of testosterone, in high concentrations, so it is better not to overdo it and consume them regularly.


Eggs are rich in vitamin D, which maintains normal levels of testosterone in the blood. One egg a day is the optimum amount for your diet; also it is better not to consume more of this if you have problems with cholesterol, which are rich in yolk.


Watermelon improves blood circulation, positively affects heart and normalizes cholesterol level. You can add it to salads, make him sorbets, appetizers with feta cheese or just have individual slices. The only negative is its seasonality.


This product helps to reduce the level of estrogen, the female hormone, and increased levels of testosterone, the male hormone, at the same time. Cauliflower you can cook and fry, the main thing — add it to your daily menu at least in small quantities.


Honey is very useful for immunity. Add one teaspoon to your daily diet. Honey, you can drink tea, a fruit salad or pancakes. A lot of options.


Garlic contains a substance which helps to reduce stress levels, but also indirectly helps the muscles to develop normally. Garlic is always possible to "spice up" any dish, adding it as a spice.


The substances contained in grapes, slows down the aging process and increase the activity of sperm. To boost testosterone levels using this product is enough for a small handful of grapes every day.


Beans of any variety are rich in vitamin D and proteins. You can eat them in soup, salad, hot as a separate dish. They are useful not only to maintain the level of the male hormone, but also for heart health.


Oysters are worthy of special mention because contain minerals and essential for men of substance in large quantities. Oysters before use is recommended sprinkle with lemon juice and salt for taste and better preservation of their useful properties.


This product is a great source of protein, promoting muscle growth, calcium, which strengthens bones, and vitamin D increases testosterone levels. It is best to consume low-fat milk containing the maximum of vitamin D (see % on packages).


Tuna is also rich in vitamin D, besides it is low-calorie and heart-healthy. Tuna can be cooked or consumed in the form in which it is sold in cans. This product it is better not to get carried away and eat it regularly.

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