5 exercises for a SUPER pumping testosterone

There are exactly two reasons why bodybuilders take anabolic steroids of the testosterone type: they help to build muscle and recover faster after workouts.

However, I do not know a single person weighing 120 kg, which would be considered attractive, regardless of what it is or 120 kg of muscle, or fat. Besides, I'm sure you all have heard of different side effects of steroids like growth in bodybuilders, male to female Breasts and the female mustache. This is not surprising because artificial interference in the human body, especially in such a thin system, such as hormonal, cannot pass with impunity.

However, there are natural ways to get the most out of testosterone in building muscles without the use of chemicals. Because well testosterone is produced in the body, and to accelerate this production is capable of proper nutrition and exercise.

In bodybuilding there are two Central moment related with the testosterone:

The emphasis on the muscles of the lower body. Such exercises allow to high testosterone, what can be said about exercises for your chest, shoulders and arms.

Emphasis on the development of power. Pay more attention to the development of the muscles, not their volume. This means you should perform exercises with a low number of repetitions (up to 6) with heavy weight.

Here are five exercises that will best affect your testosterone levels.

Deadlifts. This is one of the two most effective exercises if you want to become strong and to build up huge muscles. Even if you don't do weightlifting, this exercise will help you strengthen the lower back and legs.

Squats. This is the second superprestige that affects the whole body at once. Many athletes of the past outstanding results, completing only one major exercise – squats. They are well pumped up your muscles and testosterone levels.

Jerk and jolt. These Olympic exercises have a rather complex technique, but if you learn to follow them, they will drive your testosterone levels to dizzying heights. No wonder, because here are involved all muscle groups.

Sprints. Unlike long runs, requiring trained lungs and endurance, sprints are mostly on the muscular force. They are well raise leg muscles and lift your testosterone levels.

Plyometrics. There are a number of exercises performed in an explosive style, that is breakthrough. In plyometric style can make even the usual pull-UPS, presses and deadlifts. They develop not only strength, but dexterity, and stamina, as well as much more effective raise testosterone levels than their "quiet" options. Plyometrics is ideal for outdoor sports and martial arts. published


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