10 movies that women should watch alone

Seven million six hundred eighty three thousand one hundred eighty seven

Twelve million seven hundred seventy nine thousand nine hundred eighty three

Site pick you up for the movies, which you can relax from the endless chores and to experience various pictures alone or together with friends.

Divorce in The us The Break-Up

Fifty two million three hundred forty three thousand two hundred sixteen

After two years of marriage, Brooke and Gary realize that quite don't fit together. The decision to end the relationship at first, it seemed logical and clear, but the separation was delayed. The film will help to answer the eternal question: which is better: being alone or in a familiar, but long hateful company.

Love and friendship Love & Friendship

Fifty seven million nine hundred ninety seven thousand one hundred eighty five

Beautiful young widow lady Susan arrives at the family estate of her late husband to wait in high society will cease to gossip about her adventures, and to figure out how to improve their financial position. Don't waste time, she decides to find a rich husband for themselves and their young daughter. In the course are not only beautiful and charming, but sarcastic and sharp mind and incredible talent to weave.

For once in your life Begin again

Ninety one million seven hundred sixty five thousand six hundred forty five

Greta and Dan both former: he is a former legend of show business, and she's the ex-girlfriend of a rock musician. They meet in the center of new York just at the moment when it is so necessary to both of them. They have a second chance to change everything, and I think Greta and Dan are ready to move forward not only in music but also in love.

Valentine Blue Valentine

Ninety eight million seven hundred twenty four thousand one hundred eighty five

Dean and Cindy loved each other with all the passion and thrill, which is capable of love, but over time their feelings clouded with resentments, disappointments, miscommunications, and began to chafe. Now, people close stood a very difficult question: to surrender or to try to rekindle the relationship?

Careful! The door closes Sliding Doors

Eighty one million nine hundred ninety three thousand seven hundred sixty nine

In the story of a young Englishwoman Helen was a turning point, when she had on the train. That is, in one reality it did happen in a parallel — she was late and the doors closed right in front of his nose. As events unfolded and whether it was necessary for Helen to hurry that day is drawn into the vortex of the most different events, the film will give the viewer clues to these questions.

Miss you already Miss You Already

Forty six million eight hundred forty nine thousand one hundred forty eight

Millie and Jess are best friends, they are familiar almost all life. Now they are slightly over 40, and their relationship faces a test of strength, when Millie is seriously ill.

Actively seeking How to Be Single

Thirty three million five hundred thirty one thousand two hundred four

Alice is tired of the relationship with her boyfriend, she wants to be alone and therefore goes from him to his older sister Meg, finds a new job and a new girlfriend Robin — lover of the night "annealing". Alice dives head first into a free, crazy life, in parallel trying to understand themselves and what is happening in her life.

Revolutionary road Revolutionary Road

Eighty five million eight hundred ninety four thousand three hundred sixty two

Frank and April believe that their family is not like others, that the petty bourgeoisie is not their Cup of tea. This thought, for many years did not give them rest, makes a couple decide on a bold move — to leave everything and to move with the children to Paris. But if they're willing to trade the stability and comfort of the middle class into the indefinite future in a foreign country?

Diary of a teenage girl The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Eighty million three hundred four thousand seven hundred seventy

The story of a teenage girl living in San Francisco in the 70-ies, who was having an affair with the boyfriend of his mother. Heavy, ambiguous film that leaves stringy finish, and plenty of food for thought.

Away from you In Her Shoes

Seventy three million nine hundred ninety two thousand twenty six

In a literal translation the film is called "In her shoes" or "In her place" that reflects the love little sister Maggie to the shoes of his older sister, rose, who she constantly borrows from her. Once Maggie is switched from the high potential suitors and sleeps in bed boyfriend rose. As a result, Meg moves from her sister, and the lives of two girls changed abruptly away from each other.

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