This woman is 38 years looking for a nurse who once saved her life. And found

As an infant, Amanda Scarpinato (Amanda Scarpinati) was admitted to Albany Medical center in the U.S. with severe burns from a steam vaporizer home. During rehabilitation she courted a young nurse. Their pictures were published in the annual report of the hospital for 1977, which Amanda kept all his life in hopes to find and thank that woman.

These pictures gave the girl strength in the most difficult moments of her life: "I found solace in these stunning pictures of the beautiful stranger —anurse who cared for me. Looking at them, I could feel her compassion and love."

For many years Amanda had tried unsuccessfully to find the nurse, whose name was not stated in the report. In another attempt, she turned to social media by posting your story and pictures on Facebook. The answer came literally within a day the young nurse was Susan Berger (Susan Berger).

Sue remembered that girl: "She was so calm. Usually children after surgery, sleeping or crying, but she is so quiet and trusting. That was awesome."

And two weeks later they met in the same medical center, where he started their story 38 years ago.

It turned out that in those photos Susan just turned 21 and the child in her arms one of her first patients. She didn't expect such a warm welcome after 38 years, and such a reverent attitude to her only because she was doing her job: "I don't know how many nurses are lucky to meet someone who would remember their whole life".

Photo preview Amanda Scarpinati,
Siglo.21 / facebook
According to the materials WHNT News, The Sydney Morning Gerald

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