How to get rid of problem areas breeches

For many women, "breeches" at the hips is the number one problem, which significantly spoils their lives. Moreover, this nuisance is not only full of ladies, but thin. The latter is particularly hard to get rid of this scourge.

To remove the hated inches at the hips, have to work hard. First of all, it is a comprehensive approach, which consists of:

  • proper nutrition,
  • physical exercise
  • as well as skin care problem areas.


It is not necessary to remind you that not following the diet, you can't win fat deposits on the hips. Many believe that in order to lose weight, do not have. This is a misconception. To eat necessarily, but certainly correct.

So you should review your diet regime and nutrition.


  • Try to eat fractional portions, chewing food thoroughly.

  • You should avoid carbonated beverages, mayonnaise, sweets, flour.

  • Try to eat more vegetables, fruits.

  • In your diet should be present meat, fish, cheese, dairy products.

  • You should also not forget about the liquid. Drink up to 2 litres of water a day. With her out of body toxins and toxins and is cleansing the body.
 Physical activity

To get rid of "breeches", it is necessary to perform daily exercise. In the struggle for slim hips will help you with cardio (running, jumping rope, stationary bike). Cardio activity makes the heart work faster which leads to faster metabolism and hence to fat burning. Engage in 30 minutes to an hour depending on your weight.

Will help to get rid of "breeches" and the following exercises.


1. Leg swings. This exercise can be performed lying or standing.

Lie on your right side. Hand lean on elbow, leg pull. Raise the upper leg as possible until you feel tension.

Then perform the exercise lying on the other side.


2. Walking on the buttocks. Sit on the floor, legs straight. Arms hang to the sides or behind your head, so they will not interfere. Without bending knees, make movement of her hips, as if marching. First forward, then back.

Do this exercise until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles.


3. Attacks. Stand straight with feet together. For efficiency, can take up a dumbbell. Take a step back. When you make this attack as if obliquely 45 degrees. Repeat the exercise on the other leg.

Make a few approaches.


4. Squats. To perform this exercise both with weights and without them. Stand straight with hands on waist, feet shoulder width apart and begin to squat. Back keep straight.

Repeat 20 times for 3 sets.


5. Abduction feet to the side. Get on your knees, hands rest on the floor. Take the bent leg to side and back to the starting position. Try to keep your back and head straight.

Repeat 20 times 3 sets on each leg.


Honey massage

Honey massage is an effective remedy for combating cellulite. Honey promotes the excretion of fluids and toxins from the body, improves circulation in the tissues, destroys fat cells. The skin becomes smoother, improves its firmness and elasticity.

The course consists of 10-15 sessions, which should be conducted in a day on average for 10-15 minutes, but not more than 20.

However, the massage does not fit all. Before you do, make sure whether you have contraindications and allergic reactions to honey.

Before the procedure, clean the pores on the skin. Take a shower gel. With the sponge or massage gloves well RUB your thigh.

The next stage — apply a scrub and also massage problem areas, then rinse with warm water.

Then wipe your face dry with a towel and heat the area of "breeches" and massage.

Honey should be heated to become liquid. Ready mix apply evenly to problem areas and allow to absorb.

Start to massage with light patting movements, gradually increasing technique. Glue the hand to the body for a few seconds, and then abruptly tear. When the honey will change color and forms a dense gray mass — end the massage. Remnants rinse with warm water and apply to the skin moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream.

This procedure is painful is happy, after it places the bruises remain, which are then lost. But don't worry. There will be adaptation of the skin, and the massage will move easier. After a couple of procedures you can observe positive result.


Wraps with honey and mustard

Wrap is another universal means, which helps to cope with the extra inches on the hips. Mustard has a warming effect, increases circulation in the tissues, breaks up fat deposits.

Before the procedure, take a warm-up massage, can treat skin scrub. Then take 1 tbsp. spoon of honey, previously warmed, and mix with 1 tbsp. dry mustard powder, which also pre-dissolve in warm water. Can add a few drops of any aromatic oil. The resulting mixture apply on problem areas and wrap with cling film. From top to wear warm pants or cuddle up in a warm scarf. After 30 minutes, rinse the mixture with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

Honey mustard wrap should be performed with caution, as mustard can cause burns. So the first time take the minimum quantity of mustard powder, gradually increasing it in subsequent procedures. Also make sure that you have not had any allergic reactions and contraindications.

A course of wraps is 10-15 sessions. Between them have to take breaks of 2-3 days.published


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