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The Telegram messenger is quickly gaining popularity gradually capturing a big audience. At the moment the number of active users is more than 100 million people. Together with the ever-growing audience of the messenger and the growing number of channels — one-sided chat that allows you to send messages to an unlimited number of subscribers.

For many users Telegram-channels have become an excellent replacement of news feeds and blogs because they allow to independently control the content and protect the information from noise. But now, a year after the appearance options, to find the most informative and useful the channel becomes increasingly difficult.

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For those interested in science and technology, but do not want to waste time searching for the most interesting among hundreds of channels — our today's collection.


Archive of verifiable material on the neurosciences (behaviour, emotions, neurophysiology, psychopharma, adjacent areas, etc.) Authoritative scientific sources. Daily update.

Naked Science

The official channel of Russian popular science magazine Naked Science. Selection of the most exciting news of science and technology, scientific and educational articles, photo of the day, interviews with scientists.

Wet Test

Channel about evidence-based medicine, which are medical journalists Dasha Sarkisyan, Marianne Mirzoyan and Karine Nazaretyan. Links to very useful articles, as well as debunking pseudo-scientific theories and myths.

Popular science

Technology, gadgets, science, space — latest and best news collection every day. High quality and interesting scientific and popular materials.

The Brains

"Pimp your brain!"A lot of useful and entertaining images, the wide range of topics from articles on the development of critical thinking to the compilation of gifs showing the development of the embryo. Frequent update.

Eighty seven million six hundred eighty five thousand nine hundred seventy five


Worthy of the attention of news channel about world, science and technology. Selection of the most important materials around the Web.


Official channel of the magazine N+1 — popular scientific entertainment publications on what is happening in science, engineering and technology right now. Qualitative and sometimes difficult materials.


Is series: 6 documentaries that won't go away10 strong movies that make you think


Annotated links to interesting, useful and surprising news of the tech. The blog is marketing Director of "Yandex" Andrei Sebrant. Many of the materials on the links oriented to English-speaking readers, but the author always adds to their own explanations in Russian.


"From geeks to geeks!"About what's happening in information technologies. On weekends the recommendations of the IT bots and new channels.published  


Author: Andrew Balin


Source: newtonew.com/overview/science-in-telegram


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