Accelerated metabolism

Please note that it should not, hoping to become more slender, try to "sit" on a diet – stop mock the body. Eat in normal amounts. But!

1. You should not limit yourself in eating, because in a situation when a person begins to cut back on your diet, it the body perceives the situation as a trigger for the economical management of available resources. I.e. processes of metabolism take place in a more relaxed mode. Hence, the fat stores will be consumed slower.

2. Sleep. Than the more thorough and longer the sleep, the less the body is exposed to stress, and hence the reason to engage in the enrichment of visceral fat he will not. Person per day is required to eat at least 0.36 g of protein for each pound of its own weight, so muscle mass will be toned and fat will begin to melt away — in order to digest meat, the body actively spends calories and its power consumption increase by three tens percent.

3. Pesticides. Chlorine, as residue from pesticides, which were cultivated fields, for example, with potatoes, reduces the rate of metabolic processes. So it makes sense to eat organic food. If production interruptions, the rule is – purchased vegetables and fruits, be sure to clean from the skin. Bananas and oranges/ tangerines you can eat with a clear conscience.

4. Laziness. If you have a "sedentary" work, you trail to remember: "frozen" pose invariant for 4 hours or more, affects the production of the enzyme, the conscience of which the start of the process of metabolism. Even a few minute walk around the office or around the desktop, will prevent the enzyme stupor.

5. Drinking a few cups of cold, but not ice water per day, we increase the number of calories burned on 50 units.

6. Spicy food also causes the acceleration of metabolism. Proven that just a teaspoon of ground pepper that could invigorate the sympathetic nervous system, which will be similar to the state under severe stress.

7. A hearty Breakfast also helps to avoid obesity. The results of the study, lovers to eat in the morning, a small cracker and a Cup of coffee, the risk is much greater for obesity than those who eats a complete, nutritious Breakfast.

8. Good stimulators of metabolism – coffee and green tea. The second drink twice as effective. One Cup of green tea prepared according to the rules, boosts the rate of metabolism of 12 percent.

9. At least three of the large fruits a day, and it is better to multiply this number by three and your metabolic processes will accelerate to three dozen percent.

10. Eating foods rich in iron, fat reserves will decrease more rapidly. Apples, liver, parsley, spinach – your suppliers of this trace element.

11. Take care of sufficient maintenance your diet with vitamin D. there is No possibility to buy tuna fish, eat salmon, eggs, apples, soak up the sun.

12. A slower metabolism can be caused by calcium deficiency – so eat yogurt, milk and cottage cheese. Daily drinking a glass of milk, the metabolism will spur.

13. Nuts and seeds are also good for your metabolism.

14. In the season of watermelons spoil yourself with this fruit. And kidneys clean, and with old stocks of fats will settle the score.

15. Drink a lot of water. People like the same cucumber, or watermelon, is in and out of the water. Make sure that your body will not suffer from lack of water – drink about 10 glasses of water per day and be healthy and slim.

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