Rafidi – a reliable way to maintain stable weight loss

I have said many times on food abstinence and strategies. The recent Nobel prize in autophagy confirms the importance of this food strategy. Its traditional counterpart are the posts that are in cultures and traditions all over the world.

There is another food strategy – the consumption of carbohydrate calories in excess of. It is traditionally connected with the cycle "the search for food (hunger) – feast" among hunter-gatherers.

In the text I will use the word in General use refid (refeed), although there is a great Slavic word breaking fast (abstinence – retreat, refid – breaking the fast).

It is interesting that the word fast meant meant "to revere, to whom, or to whom, to respect, honor, who is in the highest degree", and then "to fast". A traditional cake – this is high carbohydrate breaking fast after fasting.

In this article I will talk in detail about the technique of Nefedov and who it can help in achieving their goals.

What is a refid?

Refid (from the English. re-feed, feed, food, eating) — this is a deliberate increase in calories and carbohydrates (carbohydrate loading) in the period of time from 5 to 48 hours. From the point of view of hormones (leptin), there are no special advantages in refide longer than one day. During rafida need to eat 50% more calories, most of which will come from starchy carbohydrates.

Rafidi – a reliable way to maintain stable weight loss, which does not cause such harm to the body, as, for example, a low calorie diet. Prolonged caloric restriction (more than 4-7 days) can lead to a number of problems that affect the metabolism, resulting to lose weight is hard enough.

Asymmetry latinoware cycle. Refid and food abstinence is a great way to hack latinovic cycle. The fact that leptin in the calorie restriction decreases quite slowly (significant violations does not occur until 72 hours), but raised it quickly, in one day (8-12 hours). Raise leptin heaviest leptin quick starches with a high glycemic index. This is logical, if we recall that leptin is produce fat cells.

Refid is part of a cyclical diet that includes low carbohydrate and high carbohydrate days. In a period of low carbohydrates we improve insulin sensitivity, metabolic flexibility, lipid profile. But high carbohydrate Reidy enable us to increase the levels of thyroid hormones, testosterone and leptin of course. All of this is the prevention of slowing of metabolism. You are saying to your body: "Oh, it's not a diet, calories is enough". Graduates of my courses will remember "defense point"fat.

Why do the refid? Three reasons.

1. Hormonal cause.

The main reason rafida is that targeting increased consumption of carbohydrates helps to normalize most, if not all, hormones are responsible for body's adaptation to the diet and weight regulation: leptin, ghrelin, insulin, peptide YY, etc.

Chief among these hormones is leptin. The levels of these hormones will inevitably decrease on any diet, especially for nizkouglevodna. Low levels of these hormones, the body does everything to not to give a single gram of fat, no matter what. And fat burning is greatly reduced or inhibited. Remember, leptin is a hormone that regulates satiety and energy consumption. It is reduced when the level of subcutaneous fat begins to descend and the use of carbohydrates is also reduced. As a result, the feeling of hunger and fullness also is reduced.

And periodic Reidy actively support the levels of leptin, which controls hunger, Reidy carry out timely recovery of thyroid hormone after prolonged restriction of caloric intake. the level of testosterone falls sharply when the body is lacking a huge amount of calories. Structured refid is a great way to influence physiological processes in the body.


2. Glycogen storage reason refid.

High carbohydrate refid increases glukagonovykh depot is your muscles that are depleted during intensive strength and cardio exercise. When your muscles flat and empty, you are unable to train intensively. Food abstinence improves insulin sensitivity by reducing calories and therefore the muscles can store more glycogen during subsequent Nefedov.

With good sensitivity to insulino excess carbohydrates are accumulated more in the form of glycogen than as fat. In this form refid is called carbohydrate loading. One method is mode developed by the University of Western Australia. This strategy requires that normal diet and only moderate exercise up until the last day before the competition.

On the last day it runs a cycle of short high intensity cardio loads, such as sprint. And in the last 24 hours before the competition, you need to consume 12 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of LBM (Lean Body Mass – dry body mass, less fat). This mode, according to studies, increases glycogen storage reserves by 90%! Of course, it is more important for those who are involved in sports.

3. The psychological reason.

Forbidden fruit is sweet, therefore, an absolute prohibition to eat a lot of resource of willpower. For many refid is a scheduled "sweet day", which is often called Camila. Cicmil (eng. Cheat meal) is translated as food deception, food-infringement. It's one meal, one day you eat whatever you want, but only for one day and within reasonable limits.

I'm not a fan of the term "Camil" and I'm not happy when people use the term. I call it "candy day", the purpose of which is psychological relief from the diet is to afford what you thought so long. It need to not constantly dream of forbidden products not to break and not to break the diet.

This pause in the middle of a diet promotes a number of positive changes such as increased dopamine. It is possible to afford towards the end of the dieting process, but only planned."A spontaneous" sweet days do not breakdown.

As leptin burns fat?

Adequate levels of leptin are critical to burning fat. Low leptin levels – the reason for not losing weight on 1200 calories diets, and impaired sensitivity to leptin – the problem of those who cannot lose weight.

Our brain constantly receives signals about what is metabolism how much we ate, and whether it is time to eliminate stored fat. The information is exchanged with the help of hormones and one of the main signaling molecules is leptin. It is synthesized by adipose tissue cells, and by acting on receptors of the hypothalamus in the brain, triggers fat burning.

The experiments showed that the nerves in adipose tissue stimulates leptin and secrete the neurotransmitter and hormone norepinephrine, and the stimulation of leptin. "On" neurons trigger the destruction of fat.

Fat cells, accumulating fat secrete more and more leptin, through the brain which triggers the activity of the sympathetic nerves, which, in turn, with the help of norepinephrine include the process of breakdown of fats in the adipocytes. That is why adequate levels of leptin so important for fat burning.

Key rules refid.

1. Starchy carbohydrates.

In Rapide it is advisable to consume foods rich in carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat, barley, pasta, potatoes, pumpkin, flour) and to reduce to an absolute minimum the use of body fat. If you consume fats, there is a risk to bring back your body fat. Rafida and the goal is only to energize the muscles with glycogen and increase the level of hormones. How many carbs? Refid for 5 hours, we need to eat 3-6 grams per kilogram of dry weight, refid day you can eat 8-10 grams per kilogram of dry weight.

2. Protein as usual or a little.

3. Low fat.

Think of all the fat!!! The most common mistake of reidov that you eat a lot of fat with lots of carbohydrates. Those on moderate and low carbohydrate diet, you need to make a conscious effort to reduce the usual intake of fat, when do you plan refid.

4. Fructose.

No more than 50g fructose (5-7 servings of fruits or fairly small amount of some refined food such as serving of sweets) is for a maximum of rafida.

5. Do not overeat!

Some understand by reedom the stuffing in the mouth of any food debris. It is not so! Rules on diet, including the net food gap and number of meals will remain the same, the products too. And it's not an excuse to overeat junk food all day.

6. Do not weigh yourself immediately after rafida, wait a couple of days.

Refid can lead to small weight gain, because it includes increased intake of carbohydrates stored in the muscles and liver. Each gram of a carbohydrate binds additional 3 grams of water. But after a few days there will be the "whoosh" effect when the excess water from the body will be displayed and the scale will again show the weight loss.

7. Can popahat.

The drop in performance when carbohydrate loading, and some noted the strong level fluctuations of energy during rafida. Yes, it can be. So you may prefer to schedule a refid for the weekend, so you don't have to fight the fatigue that accompanies fluctuations in the level of glucose. You can also schedule to refid coincided with some event or just the weekend, when most people prefer to get out more, meet with friends etc socialising function refid.

To whom much refid?

1. Reidy should be used when traditional healthy diet stops working. Reaching stability in reducing weight rapidy can contribute to the further promotion of progress. Try once and check the operation of repid for yourself. If the reaction of your body is not very good, and you haven't made any significant mistakes (in terms of quantity or quality of food), then you should refrain from Nefedov. Use rifidi short, no longer than 1 day. Longer Reidy suitable only for athletes, security officials.

2. Boot day can try if the limitations of the calorie: with a deficit of calories, low carb or low calorie diet; if you have reached a plateau in the reduction of fat mass; when workouts don't go (no motivation, concentration, decreases power); when there is a risk of failure with diets. So many girls don't lose weight, when sitting on 800 calories? Yes, in this case of strong hormonal changes, which does not contribute to fat loss. The amount of leptin is proportional to the amount of body fat. The more you have, the more leptin, and Vice versa.

3. How often do rafidi and what the duration will depend on such factors as the severity of your diet (the more rigid your diet, the more you need a refid), fat percentage, activity level (the more active your lifestyle the more intensely you train, the more often and the longer needs to be rafidi). If you have less than 15% body fat (for men, for women – less than 24) and you train intensively, you can try to enable the two short Rapida a week.

Speaking the language of numbers, people with a high percentage of fat can do a load once every two weeks, people with average fat percentage once a week. In some cases, relatively dry people can be twice in a week. Therefore, refide be the longer and more often than slimmer be the individual that may seem illogical. But the lower the fat percentage, the more manifest all sorts of physiological problems that occur in the diet, the slower the metabolism.

4. There are different schemes of nefidov.

So, is the scheme: 11/3, this days diet plan + 3 days rafida. There is a diagram 5/2 — after 5 days of calorie restriction followed by 2 days of high calorie intake. Usually this plan is superimposed on the schedule of working and weekends, and it allows you to painlessly combine a healthy diet and normal rhythm of life. Diagram of 3/1 — after 3 days of caloric restriction occurs 1 day of increased calorie consumption. This schedule is great for those who need to lose less fat. Refid in the middle of the week allows you to make weight loss smoother for people who have lower content of adipose tissue.

5. For athletes who are engaged in power sports may fit scheme 1/1, it should coincide with your training schedule. On training days the body spends more calories and have to get more calories, and on days when loads little or the body is resting, calorie consumption is reduced. For another, this is called power system EOD refeeds or refid diet is an alternation of days with different meals. This means that during the week several times alternating the phase of caloric restriction (food abstinence) and phase muscle-building.


Refid is a useful nutritional strategy, which is subject to any rules can help you to gain weight or lose weight depending on your goals. However, it is suitable for intermediate and advanced level, beginners should start with basic rules. published


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