Eat and grow thin!

It is important to lose weight gradually and incrementally to introduce into their lives certain of the restrictions in the products. The main thing here is to understand the General principle of the structure and functioning of our body, to have patience and understand that extreme weight loss to anything good will not. Unfortunately, many women and girls talk about how they want to lose weight and stay in good shape how they want to be beautiful and healthy, but at the same time or do not move from the dead point, or lose weight-gain weight without any stability.

Do not put too complicated tasks! It is difficult to drastically change the usual diet. Drastic changes, especially the sharp reduction in food is an emotional and physical stress. It is not surprising that this quickly tires, and we throw all our plans. Moreover, we are not interested in a single result, and health and beauty for a long time. And if the problem is that you used to eat a lot? and did not get to go on a diet?! There is a solution! you can eat and lose weight!

The principle of the diet is that you can eat large portions and often enough. Day 1 400g boiled meat and 300g vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, herbs), sour cream. Day 2 2 boiled eggs, 50g of low fat cheese, 400g of fruit. 3rd day 400ml low-fat beef broth, salad (as in first day), 200g of dried fruit. 4th day-400g of cottage cheese, 3 boiled potatoes, 400 g of fruit, 1 tomato and greens. All products to divide into 3-4 meals, all eaten without salt! In four days lose weight 2-2,5 kg. Diet is not hungry, to go.

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