Graffiti painted by water and light

Water gives life to all living things on earth, man, is 70-80 % water, as we do not tire of reminding scientists and doctors on television, in Newspapers and magazines. The key role that fluid plays in the art project of French artist Antonin Fourneau (Antonin Fourneau), who figured out how to use water to draw graffiti is often composed entirely of light. This project, which can be considered as installation or creative performance, is called Water Light Graffiti.

Together with the collective Studio Artlab, Antonin Fourneau has developed and assembled a panel that reacts to moisture, which integrated thousands of tiny fireflies-led's. Is to touch the panel with wet hands or splash it on from a spray bottle as she flickered the lights in the place where there was contact of the surface with water. This hypersensitivity allows you to display a panel variety of patterns, symbols and labels, and some time to enjoy their soft glow, while the images are not pale and does not disappear completely. This is called Water Light Graffiti — graffiti painted by water and light.

To be the author of this graffiti doesn't need paint, brushes and aerosols. Enough to arm themselves with a water pistol, a homemade spray or conventional container filled with normal water, and begin photography. It is easy to assume that the most ardent admirer of the innovative kind of painting will be children who not only love to fool around, but also to participate in podobni exciting experiments based on the latest technologies.

The first art performance of Water Light Graffiti were able to take part inhabitants of Poitiers, where the installation was shown from 22 to 24 July. Everyone, regardless of age and gender, have been in the role of artists, drawing on the panel glowing a picture, using only wet hands or guns. Whatever you say, and such fun — great entertainment for the summer nights!

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