The benefits and harms of chocolate glazed curd bars

Over the last few years very rapidly evolving market for chocolate glazed curd bars. And, experts say, their production will grow. The low-cost production of cheese and in the regions is generally almost unoccupied niche, so that local producers can significantly reduce the cost of production. Glazed curds are popular among the consumers product. Cheese-butter candy with chocolate has no analogues in the European or in the Asian market.

The main component in the production of cheese is, as you might imagine, the cheese. Therefore, all the vitamins and minerals contained in it, are present in glazed cheese, which are a good source of calcium and vitamins a And B2.

However, to talk about their use would be wrong, as the only "not harmful" ingredient in their composition– cheese. But by far this is not the usual pure cheese, but a mixture of cheap vegetable fats and sugar. Everything else in the composition – the huge amounts of harmful sugar and cheap fats, and starch, colorants and flavorings and emulsifiers (substances that help to mix water and fat). Even cocoa powder contains very little.

More can be said about the harm of glazed cheese curds. The most "harmless" that found 11 instances of cheese, is the excess (up to 1000 times) the content of yeasts. This means that eating such bars may result in intoxication, dysbiosis, immune system dysfunction, metabolic disorders and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and organs of the allocation systems. And in one of the trial experts have found Staphylococcus aureus, which causes purulent infections, boils, weak immune system, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and so on.

Glazed curd actually contains a minimal amount of nutrients, and it is based on vegetable fat and sugar. In addition, experts are often found in cheese composition of hazardous ingredients not listed on the packaging.

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