"Living armor" - safe haven

Natural disasters can hit us at any time, and the best way to survive is to be prepared for it, whether it is a sandstorm or flood. With the aim to save lives and to protect people in distress in Japan mass produce the "Life armor".

This shelter is designed to protect up to four people in a convex container, made from reinforced plastics. "Life armour" is available in two colors – blue and pink. This container can withstand the pressure on its surface to 9.3 tons, the size is 1.2 meters in diameter, weighs approximately 80 kg. On the back of this novelty there are special handles, which allow you to raise the container to a height. Even falling from a height of 25 meters in the water, "Life armor" can stay afloat, having on Board up to 4 people.

For the entrance provided by the door with a diameter of 60 cm, the interior finish of lightweight foam. The shelter are equipped with GPS navigation and rechargeable solar batteries, life jackets, a waterproof megaphone, and food for emergencies. In short, all the fixtures doing the "Life armor" reliable shelter during emergencies. Its cost varies in the region of $ 5,000.


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