Created printers work without ink cartridges

Can run the printer without a cartridge, the ink, and without the need for electricity or charging batteries? Fiction, but a team of Korean scientists submitted a printer Tapped Printеr, which is powered by solar energy.

The basis of this invention is old and known even to children a method of burning wood with a magnifying glass. They made a printer that can collect solar energy in the beam and in this way to put the image.
Color image this method will not get, but the authors believe that most (around 70%) when printing on normal printers directly out of black ink. In addition to the material costs of ink, in the environment throw a ton of ink and a huge number of used cartridges.
The researchers decided to use solar energy in full, and have built in his invention of a solar battery on which the printer works.

Of course, you can't make Tapped Printеr the only printer in the office, as in cloudy weather to print to it will fail, but in spite of this deficiency: placing it on a balcony, or even on the roof of the office, (combining his work with the use of thermal paper) of the invention has a future, along with other solar technologies.

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