The printer that erases printed

printers usually people need to bring to the paper or other information, whether it be letters, numbers or illustrations. Most often, these devices are in offices and in homes of students and pupils, who are more likely than other people take the opportunity to visualize the digital information. When printouts are no longer needed or are damaged, they go in the trash or shredder. But it was only until recently, while the Korean designer Kim Su Yeon not come up with a Reverse Printer. Reverse Printer even though the concept, but it is very promising, and most importantly - demanded. It will not only help get rid of excess paper trash in the form of drafts, which are usually inundated with reception and offices of accountants, but also great to save on paper. After Reverse Printer is a printer naoborot.

Thus, unlike a conventional printer, this concept eliminates the page with information printed on it. Turning a report sheet, a page of the diploma or the laboratory work in a clean, untouched sheet of paper with ink. Though now pvstavlyay it into the printer again, and print something else. Apparently, the author is going to use this device in some innovative laser technology, but what kind of know-how, it does not apply. But as Greenpeace will be happy - that's how many trees will be saved. And at least they will be happy and the students, but students accountant. So many of clean paper appears.



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