3D printer for construction of buildings

The Chinese company was able to present the world a new 3D printer, which will print per day up to ten houses. Such information was reported on the official website development center. Printer WinSun huge in size. He reaches up to 30 meters in height and 11 meters in width. Its main feature is that it is capable of producing the building entirely of concrete, so the whole process takes very little time.

The printer has a different model which consists of some certain phases. The first phase is a liquid. It is in this state poured concrete into specially designated containers, it eventually dries up, forming layer upon layer of walls and ceilings. The result is a full house that is designed entirely for housing, together with the finished roof and doors.

At the moment, are increasingly used three-dimensional printers in the field of design. Furniture designers before sent to production humidor with glass, first create a three-dimensional project, assessing the attractiveness of ideas that need refining, and only then begin to produce exclusive cases for cigars and other elements of the interior.

Just a day a 3D printer capable of producing more than ten buildings, the area of which will reach 200 square meters. The cost of such house is only 47 thousand dollars. The main feature of this printer that with the help of special software, the computer can make adjustments to the design of the building, for example, insulating materials, spacer for wiring and plumbing. Such changes are convenient and profitable for equipment at home, especially when it is based fully.

The company said that the system for printing and all the necessary parts for her, as well as materials developed for a few years. Today this printer own about 77 national patents, to construction materials like gypsum glass, glass fibre-reinforced special cement. The advantage is the fact that after such construction using the printer completely absent debris, which is strongly affected by the surrounding objects. According to preliminary calculations, such a printer can save construction companies up to half the value of the property. The organization also hopes that the new 3D printer will be able to implement the program, specializing in decent and affordable housing for poor families from China.

Source: zeleneet.com


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