Scientists: 8 rules for creating a harmonious relationship in a pair

AWARENESS of the differences between male and female brain helps prevent misunderstanding and pain and promotes love and fellowship.

Here are the rules to help men and women to enhance the understanding of differences.


Rules for WOMEN:

1. Recognize that men are very different from you. Ask what he needs to be happy.

2. He is not able to do more than one things at once. If you want to talk to him, wait until the game is over and ask to pay time to talk.

3. Never try to force a man to accept defeat in the dispute.

4. If you want to actually listen to you, try to use less words.

5. It is programmed to compete and win. Make him think he wins a lot.

6. Just because he caught him "pulling up" to another woman, do not think that you are doing it as clumsily. Besides, his flirting with other does not mean that he finds you less attractive.

7. On long trips drive only during the day. Let him do it at night. His night vision is better than yours.

8. Many of his senses are not as acute as yours. Tell him if something smells or tastes irritate you.

Rules for MEN:

1. Recognize that women are very different from you. Ask what she needs to be happy, and listen. Remember, that they break relations in 75% of cases.

2. Women typically need listening, not explaining (they experienced).

3. Never ask a woman to talk about substance.

4. For foreplay it takes time as well as talk and nonsexual touch. (Her skin is 10 times more sensitive. Determine what she likes. Her preferences are likely different from yours.)

5. The fact that she caught you when you flirted with an attractive woman, does not mean that she is not ogling other men.

6. In the distant trips take over control of the car at night. Remember, her eyesight in the dark better than you.

7. She may find it sexy, for example, that you asked the way. You will win her heart, by being willing to ask for help.

8. She has a keen sense of smell. Find out which fragrance she prefers. If she likes you to take a shower before bed, or prefers to let you do this? Find out.

Amen. "The brain and love. Secrets of practical neuroscience."

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