Strange powers of the human body

Fifty seven million seven hundred twenty thousand five hundred one

1. WIM Hoff is a person, famous all over the world. 48 – year-old Dane feels comfortable at high sub-zero temperatures, swims in Arctic waters. It would seem that destructive to the human body. But no. Find answers to the incomprehensible reaction of this man to the doctors and failed. While Hoff is absolutely not complain about their health.

2. A resident of England, Kay underwood, as soon as experiencing strong emotions, immediately faints. The slightest signs of fear, or anger, or simple laughter, and the girl faints. Not infrequently it happens that a young girl can faint up to 40 times per day.

3. The next woman on our list has an incredible memory. She remembers absolutely everything that you've seen over the last 25 years. She can easily describe, for example, a passer-by, whom I saw on the way to the store on June 7, 1988, while remembering the smallest details. She also remembers the brand and the number of machines on which at least a second delay of her look.

4. Mr. Perry, a resident of the UK, suffers from lipodystrophy is a disease in which a person is absent subcutaneous fat. 59 – year-old man eats everything he wants: cakes, fatty foods. It does not mend per gram. The male body instantly burns fat, and the skin very tight muscles. This creates a person a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. In early childhood, the man was a complete boy, but when he was 12 years old, he overnight lost weight, so much so that whatever attempts it has made to get better, all ended in failure.

5. Lamb Rhett – three-year-old suffers a rare anomaly Chiari syndrome. Since its birth, the boy not only closed eyes but did not sleep not one minute. A child's brain is severely deformed, damaged bridge and barrel, they are fixed inside the spine. These parts of the brain, known to be responsible for respiration, speech and sleep patterns of a person.

6. Debbie Byrd, a resident of England, suffers from allergies. It would seem that this unusual. But the fact is that Allergy on her high-frequency radiation and radio waves. Such things, as mobile phone, Internet access, microwave, radio, I immediately call in women rash on the body, as well as severe such swelling of the face and eyelids where they become almost three times more.

7. Sarah Carmen, 24, a resident of the UK, suffers syndrome permanent sexual arousal. Girl of the day feels about 200 orgasms. They cause any fluctuations: traveling in public transport, Cycling, in General, any vibration. This lifestyle brings a girl suffering.

8. Ashley Morris, a teenager living in Melbourne, can't afford nor take a bath or even to freshen up in the shower. She generally prohibited any contact of the skin with water. She suffers from allergies to water, and a drop of water or even sweat leads to a strong rash. Doctors say Ashleigh is suffering from a rare form of Allergy, which is called water urticaria. Worldwide such cases were few.

9. Chris Sands, the man, a resident of Lincoln for 20 years continuously hiccups. Even in sleep, man doesn't know a moment's peace from hiccups. That just did Chris: did yoga, treating hiccups medication and folk remedies, even resorted to hypnosis, but the problem did not dare.

10. Natalie Cooper is interested in all the medicine. The body of 17 – year-old girl is unable to digest food, none at all, except for Tic – Tac. One day a girl, that would not suffer from hunger, should eat no less than 900 000 tablets.




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