Fasting days - the benefits and harms

The most important use of fasting days is that you do not harm yourself! Any diet is a stress to the body, lasts from 7-14 days. Quickly throw kg with incredible suffering, can easily come back and bring friends — additional kg(((. The body is so constituted, once it is something short, then starts to lay in reserve, disturbed metabolism and vicious circle.

Without harm to health and for the benefit of the figures nutritionists recommend fasting days no more than once a week. Under this system, the weight will go gradually, slowly and over a significant period of time, until you reach their quota. The main condition for it to be regularly and every week and not hit and miss. If you stand in the way of losing weight, then keep it, otherwise even trying makes no sense. After about a month and a half, fasting days will be familiar and will be easy to observe them.

Fasting is a rest for the digestive system, aktiviziruyutsya the intestines, more effectively toxins and waste, improve color of skin, stimulates the metabolism, energetically burnt fat stores. Important: with unloading days you gradually accustom the stomach to abandon the indiscriminate eating of anything and everything.

Fasting days — reviews.Spent the whole investigation about the testimonials of people, who were fasting days, and I was struck by the fact that they are mostly young girls from 17 to 25 years!!! At this age the metabolism and so excellent, why spoil it these diets, and discharge — burns and so. It's probably the fast food, macdonals, Cola, instant noodles, potato chips and other nastiness.

In the stories of their sudden recuperate they blamed it all of the above. And as one write that has moved to proper nutrition, sport, fasting days, etc. Conclusion: if you follow a healthy lifestyle initially, then the fasting days do not need! The results from the fasting days all the girls of course, but they themselves keep a tight rein and doing additional fitness.

Self-discipline and willpower all just iron and fasting days them very helpful. At least so wrote in their reviews the girls, who arrange themselves regularly fasting days.

Rules for handling days1. Under any dietary restrictions, especially in the fasting days, there is a stagnation of bile in the liver. So in the morning, on an empty stomach in the fasting day it is recommended to take 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in the diet instead of tea one or two times to include the infusion of a choleretic herb.

2. It is better to avoid intense physical and mental stress. Try to spend the day than in the output and the distraction to not think about food. And if the hunger is unbearable, then drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or yogurt — this can be in any of the fasting days!

3. You have to gradually get out of the fasting day, i.e. not to eat right before the blade.

4. Drink enough pure water — preferably 2 litre, but all individually. At least 30 ml per kilogram of body weight.

5. The amount of food in the fasting day depends on body mass and energy consumption. Approximately: vegetables 1.5-2 kg, protein products 400-700 g per day. In the fasting day it is advisable not to starve. The caloric content valid 1200 -1300 calories. It is clear that it isn't just cucumbers. Preferably a couple of products, combined with each other.

6. It is better to choose to unload products that you like, not the ones that give better result, but you will choke.

And it is better to do fasting days with not one product but two, for example:

1) lean meat with vegetables

2) cottage cheese and fruit

3) potatoes and yogurt etc.

Therefore, unloading will be psychologically easier.

7. Fasting is contraindicated: during pregnancy and lactation, during illness or malaise, and the presence of pathology of the liver and kidneys, diabetes of the 1st type. Generally in any acute or chronic disease, before you unload, you need to consult a doctor!

Fasting days are not a panacea to lose weight, but may be a good addition to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The benefits of fasting days for weight loss only with regular compliance with an extended period of time. A single action will only harm. So you should think, and should I do all this start and do You have enough willpower.



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