Fast diet Garda —lose weight in a week


Diet Garda is a "fast" diet, but it is quite effective. In addition, it is not complicated as even those who recently started a war with excess weight, and those who already not the first year fighting for a beautiful figure. But she's not the most popular among Russian girls and few people knows about it.The beauty of this diet – guaranteed weight 2.5-5 kg in such a short period of time like a week.

Like all diets, it has pros and cons.The advantages include:

— fasting days which are allowed to adhere to such a diet more than a week;
a diet does not make you starve;
— does not harm the body;
— helps to cleanse organism by removing toxins. Therefore improves the General condition of the skin, starts to work better digestive system, including bowels.
By adhering to diet in addition to weight loss, reduced size of the stomach. This happens because of a change in portions.
To lose weight on a diet Garda, no need to buy some unreal products. All of the products necessary for fasting days, and for power between discharges normally have in the fridge at all. In order to lose weight, you need to follow the recommendations of this diet. This is the only negative. Diet Garda. Basic rules.When losing weight using this diet, you need to spend 3 unloading a week. I.e., 1 day unloading, 2 days regular food, 1 day unloading, 2 days regular food, 1 day of discharge. No need to spend fasting days every day. This is a strong strain of the organism, and thus the weight will return with "friends." After all, if you are constantly starving, you will lose weight slowly. And if you go back then to a normal diet, the body will begin to store fat more active for fear of "hard times", i.e. a hunger strike.

Diet fasting days.One of the essential conditions of this diet is the intake of fiber. It should take 3-4 grams every four meals. Ie day for about 20 grams. Fiber is used with plenty of water. Due to water in the stomach it swells and the feeling of hunger should not be disturbed before the next appointment. In addition, it is low-calorie product that is not absorbed in the intestine and is excreted virtually unchanged, together with slag.Another condition is to drink 1 liter of kefir a day.If kefir is not thirsty, or are there any other problems associated with yogurt, you can eat the juicy fruit. But you need to meet the 500 gr. a day.It is important to remember that yogurt and fruit to eat together is impossible! And, of course, water has not been canceled. Two liters of water be sure to drink for the normal functioning of the body. Water can be replaced with green tea without sugar. By eating a healthy diet Garda in the days of the discharge should not drink alcoholic beverages! Food in the days between discharges.

Nothing special have to have. You can eat normally, but restrict all fast food, fatty and sugary foods. During the day you should eat 0.9 to 1 liter of food. The number of meals – 4 Breakfast, lunch, lunch, dinner. One time you need to eat about 1 Cup of food, about 200 grams. To accelerate weight loss and more plumb better to eat food cooked steamed, boiled, baked. Allowed to use vegetable oil when cooking. The use of spices is also allowed, but remember that there are spices, causing the appetite. Still need to eat raw vegetables. Each meal is better to start with them. You need to remember that mayonnaise and butter – a terrible enemy of a slender figure. So it's good if you find the strength to refuse them. This should be done at least dieting Garda. Mayonnaise can be replaced with homemade sauces or low-fat plain yogurt.Sugar and salt is better kept to a minimum. Salt, as you know, retains the liquid.What to drink. In the days between discharges can drink tea and coffee in unlimited quantities, but preferably without sugar. Of alcoholic beverages in the normal days you can drink nishiuchi dry wines. Also better not to drink carbonated beverages. They contain a lot of sugar and excess calories, even in nerasprodannye days we do not need.Notice the soda can on the juices of their own making. It will improve skin colour and add Shine to eyes.



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