Effective treatment of warts folk remedies

Warts is a pathogenic manifestations of human papillomavirus. Such formations appear on the skin on almost any area of the body or on mucous membranes. Today there are many different methods of treatment of this disease, and common treatment of warts folk remedies.

Many people are carriers of HPV but external manifestations may not be. In principle, such education as the warts formed in a very small number of people. Warts resemble outwardly cauliflower and cosmetic discomfort can cause very strong.

• In our country the treatment of warts folk remedies, it's very common. One of the most effective remedies for warts is a alcohol tincture of celandine. We must remember that such infusion is quite poisonous and you should be very careful. The medication should be applied carefully, trying not to get tincture on the skin located near the tumor. To apply this tool is recommended 3 times a day. On the affected area the medication is applied several times, repeating the application a few minutes after the infusion will be absorbed into the skin.

• If the warts has the form of a solitary skin tassels, to get rid of it easy. For this we need a thin silk thread. Ask someone to tie the pendant at the beginning of her legs with a thread on a node or two. If a bit painful at first bandage slightly. The next day the knot tighten further. Warts will gradually dry up and fall off completely after 2 — 3 days.

• Another folk remedy are the crushed leaves of Kalanchoe. The leaves are ground until a homogeneous slurry and applied to the warts. This mass should be recorded, for this purpose you can use the patch. In five hours it is necessary to prepare fresh slurry. It should be noted that for ointment better to use only fresh leaves.

• You can use 70% vinegar mixed with flour. They are mixed to a thick paste. Then, the resulting medium is applied to the warts, trying to avoid getting the mixture on the healthy skin around the affected area. To this tool had the desired effect, the procedure should be repeated for 3 times. In the same way easily displays warts, but they have one application at night — vinegar burns all to the roots.

• You can treat warts using garlic or garlic compress. The affected area is rubbed with garlic or make one disc as a compress on all night, fixing it with adhesive plaster or a bandage. Also you should avoid contact with healthy skin, otherwise you may get burned.

• Quite common in the treatment of warts folk remedies is to use egg whites, which must be lubricated regularly manifestations of the virus. You can also use onions soaked in vinegar. Put whole onion in the vinegar and after 2 day break off a piece and put it on the warts overnight. This remedy should be applied about 7 days.

Source: vsenarodnaya-medicina.ru


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