This here is the morning

Morning. In bed two. She wakes up, looks around, hvtaetsya his head, frowning. He surprised to find it lying around. Begins to bother him:
 - Hey. Wake up! Uh-uh-st!
 - Mm-m. Leave me alone.
 - Hey, wake up!
 - Get the fuck please.
 - What?! Well, did you wake up!
 - Shit! Who are you ?!
 - I who ?! Well, you're arrogant! It is you who!
 - I'm Sasha, very nice. Ugh. Pancake. What are you doing here?
 - I will sleep, but what are you doing here ?!
 - Uh-uh. Actually, this is my apartment.
 - Yeah ?!
 - Yes. So what are you doing here!
 - I do not know. And we have it. Well. It?
 - What?
 - Well, it's.
 - What is it ?!
 - Idiot. Look under the covers, are you naked?
 - I'm so.
 - And I?
 - I hesitate to look. See for yourself.
 - I'm scared.
 - Hy, then just had nothing.
 - Fool. That'll take a look and.
 - Look. Well, what?
 - In my pants on his knees.
 - Strange. Maybe you rapper? Ha-ha.
 - You yourself rapper. Confess! I took advantage of me ?!
 - Yes, we must hurt! Cho's what I'll use you, the more you wear pants to his knees.
 - Yes, it's you and took them back!
 - What for me your panties to her knees to pull off?
 - To take advantage of!
 - Cowards?
 - Me!
 - It is unlikely. Look, you're a bra?
 - What?
 - Well, if a bra, it is not used, I usually end on the chest.
 - Ham! Let me see.
 - Look carefully, even if a bra, gee-gee.
 - Strange.
 - What?
 - I have a bra on his stomach.
 - Tha-ha-ha, left points on the neck to find and earrings armpits. You're a strange kind. Why so dress?
 - I?! Maybe you are a pervert! Maybe you girls down all the clothes pulled together and then you use can it excites you!
 - Yeah of course! And fuck between his knees, and the blow to the solar plexus. You probably just slipped night clothes. Top.
 - Sam you slipped. Look at you is not wearing a condom?
 - Ha-ha-ha, on his knees?
 - Oh fool-and-a-ak, as I do with you appeared here. On member!
 - On a limb? No. I see hanging on the glass.
 - Yes? Where? And, horror, so still it was ?!
 - Not a fact.
 - Why?
 - He is hanging on the side.
 - And you can go there and hung it?
 - Exactly! You pull off shorts to the knees, excited by not podetski, put on a condom, fuck you, then I think it is necessary to quickly run into the street, his window cast aside the used condom. I showered. Returned to you, you're sleeping, erase you, I think - that something is not right. AND! Eureka! You pulled the bra on her stomach calmed down and fell asleep.
 - Psycho.
 - Itself such.

Then they were all good. They married in 2 years.



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