Of army life))

Yes, it is a reason ... If the chief of staff builds regiment hour of the day - then attacked or perfume, or emergency happened.
 But gunfire and cries of "Allahu Akbar" something inaudible. Because in the hot midday time by mutual agreement terminated the war in Afghanistan. It is foolish to fight when it is impossible to keep the machine in the hands of iron, and sit in the plane - like sitting in the steel blast furnace, hugging hot samovar. In short, all living things hidden from the scorching sun. Hence, PE happened.
 Incident to such construction may be different. Regimental - from stolen rifle grenade room to universal scale - the arrival in Kabul just Politburo. But the latter - is unlikely, it is from non-science fiction.
 Although - who knows ...
 Have to go to progrevatelnye procedure.
 Chief of Staff, Colonel Zvyagintsev, knowing the ambient temperature, immediately started on the merits.

 - Today we have two "heroes". At 10.00 Private Sahaltuev decided to blow the fuse from a grenade. From a shell, apparently, not found ... When that did not explode, the son uzbetskogo people have not found anything better than to stick to the fuse burning cigarette! Hostilities he wanted! I still wonder how it is that the fuse in the grenade not-boiled! The result of this elaborate operation - the index finger cut off the whole big - half! Now lies in a hospital ... We will deal with it for recovery. While with him and everything is clear - a mountain village, wild ass, caught - was sent to the army! And here is how it has managed ?! Bankin, come on, tell me.

The arena was a second hero of the day - Ryzhyi Ensign Sanya Bankin. Lowering his head, he began the story.
 - I, it was replaced with the outposts. Went to the regiment on duty to take the gun. Forgot to remove the clip from the gun, racked the bolt and made a descent control ... Well, in short, shot on the floor ... ran duty ... did I ... uh-uh ... remark. I was upset, took out the clip, but forgot that went into the chamber of the second holder. Did control the descent. Here ... In short, again shot ... only a wall ...
Ran on duty with the assistant observations have not already done, and immediately were given ... in short, took the gun. All ...

 - A behind the wall, by the way, was the office of the Chief of Staff! - Modestly remarked Chief of Staff.
 And, after a pause, quietly continued:
 - You think it's not enough that they kill you? ... - And he waved his hand at the close of the mountain haze of hot air.
 It became very quiet. Bankin hung his head even lower. From under the Panama were seen only his red mustache. Was heard as far away somewhere rumbles, returning from a mission, the helicopter. And here, including the command voice, Zvyagintsev loudly commanded:
 - Soldiers, fail! Polk equals, attention! Listen to order parts:
 Order N 136 on the military unit field mail 97978 N, Kabul.
 In recent years, in terms of cases of careless handling of weapons.
 In order to prevent such cases and prevent further unauthorized shots order: upon receipt and delivery ensign Banchina AN personal weapons, gun control descent in order to verify the absence of cartridge in the chamber ensign Banchina produce a gun to his temple own head. Monitor the implementation of the order lay on duty on the shelf.
 Chief of Staff in / hr p / n 97978 n / p-to Zvyagintsev

General laughter drowned out the noise of the helicopter flies. Complexion Banchina caught up with the color of his mustache. And for good reason. Now he unwittingly became the regimental legend. Order Follow all the time until Bankin served in the 50th separate mixed aviation regiment.


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