How to understand male psychology

How to understand male psychology? That it difficult for women to understand men, blame the women themselves. Paradoxically, the fact. These points will help you in all specifically understand:

Men do not pay attention to the little things. That is why you are very vain and vain get out of yourself when you see the side of the bed, "painted" socks of your choice. For you such a mess – a disaster. And the man looks at it simply: "socks are not lying, and lie." The man used to be strong and purposeful. The representative of the stronger sex not defeated even in small, insignificant details.

Psychology of communication.

It is not necessary to command the man. He does not like it. No need, in any case, to tell the man how to do it. It is enough that you just Express your point of view on any issue. In General, the situation needs to "rotate" so that man thought that he made the decision, not you to him pushed him. No wonder the man is called the "strong" sex he wants and tries to be a leader in everything to justify the "name" of gender.

Despite the high, men's position in society, support for the weaker sex they are more than necessary. Therefore, when a man is upset about something or something not sure, tell him about how wonderful he is, smart, capable, talented, clever and resourceful. Believe me: men it's not just the words made from the letter set. This is a "magic balm" that will make him stronger in any situation. Keep the man, give him your attention, stay close, knowing, feeling that it would be hard. Many women believe that if a man is changed – he had another. This is a misconception: all people tend, sometimes, to change.

Psychology of behavior.

Your man acts up, throws pillows, jokes childish? Don't be surprised: men will always be in my heart, (not only men, but they are especially).

How to understand male psychology of behavior?

It is very difficult to be always in social roles of men, which implies the following "rules":

Men never cry.

Man always must be serious.

A man should always be and stay strong.

First, men cry. There is nothing illegal and shameful. Male tears no one sees, because, "thanks" to the stereotypes that men have to hide their emotions to release them into the wild when no one will see.

Secondly, the man should not always be serious. Man is what he is. Men – men who also want to be perceived exactly as nature intended. In addition, the excessive seriousness – not for me (male and female). Well, when one "combines" in itself the seriousness and sense of humor, and applies these qualities based on the situation.

Thirdly, you can't always be strong. Now we are not talking about physical strength but about the power of the spirit, "moral" force. Always be strong – it is impossible. There are moments in life when you have to be under the influence of stress or to "give of yourself" depression. And a phrase like, "Take yourself immediately to hand, you're a man" here – not the assistant. Man, at a difficult time, you need the presence of a loved one, his support and understanding.

A few words about the "childishness" of male behavior.

Male naughty, throw pillows, playing soldiers? Well, let them. No need to make fun of, don't be angry. Better smile and take part in his game. Can be sure: he will surely appreciate. If you such games and that kind of behavior is insanely annoying – "relive" the time of childhood, but don't insult the man: childhood – not illegal. Watch out for the man. Perhaps in the game, he realizes that he cannot accomplish in life. Suppose he picked up a toy car and Tinker with it. Have you thought about becoming a driver or a trucker and his old dream? Don't get mad at the dream: she's harmless.


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