10-day diet



Every woman and man who have decided to get rid of extra pounds, is to realize and test yourself on this diet as "Effective diet for 10 days." In the end we can say that, following the proposed scheme for only a decade minus you can lose 8 kg. in weight.

The whole point of this diet and the proposed method of supply for the next ten days is to consumption every day solely one specific diet, product. In this way of eating protein days are alternated with techniques of carbohydrate food. Many will say that this way of eating is not very diverse, but that is the whole point and benefit of diets is to eat monotonous and lose weight.

Let's take a closer look at the diet, calculated for a decade. Before proceeding to power on the proposed diet, you should remember that it is forbidden to eat after 6 PM. The entire volume of the cooked food should be divided into five equal portions, corresponding to five meals throughout the day, following the principle – eat little but often.

So what foods to eat, in what order? So, proceed to the immediate consideration of the diet.

On the first day of this effective diet for 10 days you should eat only cooked or steamed buckwheat, which previously, in the evening, pour in boiling water, and then, in the morning, already cook a little longer until cooked or eaten in this form without additional heat treatment. In terms of volume – you can take as much anyone, but rather, how much to eat for five meals. While there is no hurry to during the meal it was the feeling of satiety. Also during the day you can drink 250 ml milk or green tea without sugar.

On the second day – limit your diet exclusively to a pound of cottage cheese with fat content not exceeding 1.5% and a pound of apples. The apples to select the best green and can roast them in the oven with a small amount of sugar. You can drink green tea, but without sugar.

On the third day – limit consumption of rice, washing it down with tomato juice. It is best to take unpolished rice and limit myself to half a kilogram a day, cook it, divide it into five meals. Concerning the juice – you should drink 1.5 liters a day.

On the fourth day of the diet is to take fish, limited to one pound of lean fillet and exclusively boiled, cooked it in a double boiler or just in the water. You can also prepare carrots or zucchini, potatoes and a little parsley and dill in unlimited quantities.

In the middle of the period our effective diet for 10 days come back to buckwheat, which, as in the first day, in the evening steamed in hot water. Dividing it into 5 portions, it is possible to drink its milk or yogurt, or green tea without sugar.

On the sixth day in the diet enter the meat, but only beef or veal. Cook 300 grams of meat, divide into 5 portions, you can also prepare some vegetables – zucchini or cabbage, dill and parsley.

On the seventh day, limit consumption exclusively liquid to six cups of green tea which can be sweetened with one spoonful of honey.

The eighth day of the diet characteristic exclusive fluid intake in the form of yogurt, dividing two liters of 1% fat in several techniques.

The ninth day is also characteristic only of the fluid intake is 1.5 liters of mineral water without gas, by adding slices of lemon or lemon juice.

On the tenth day of the diet is to eat only porridge, cooked without added sugar and salt, adding pieces of Apple or pear.

Here is almost everything on the menu. But it is worth saying that to keep this diet should be exactly 10 days and not one day more, because the main thing is to do no harm. Before starting a diet should visit a gastroenterologist and passing the necessary tests, consult your doctor if you effective diet for 10 days. If you are not ready internally – do not start and going hungry.


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