90 day diet menu of separate power supply

< 90 day diet menu of separate power supply One of the most popular and effective ways to lose weight on a large number of kilos is 90 day diet. This diet is based on the principle of separate supply and consists of four cycles. One cycle lasts only one day, and after the 4th day you have to start over from the first. 90 day diet can not only lose weight, but also speed up the metabolism. Меню 90 day diet separate food includes all the substances necessary for the organism, it is only necessary to comply with a certain sequence. < What is the feature of the 90 day diet? The fact that the 90 day diet is characterized by its cyclical nature. Only strict observance of this order can give you the weight loss results of up to 25 kg in just 3 months. So, the daily cycles of 90 separate food diet:
  1. The first cycle - protein. This day should eat meat and dairy products. Moreover, the meat can be in this day there is a completely different - beef and pork, rabbit and poultry, fish and seafood. If you think that this is all in a hurry to please you! Add to the protein diet can be a bit of bread and vegetables with a minimum starch content. The dinner allowed to drink a glass of broth.
  2. The second day of dieting - starch. On this day, you can indulge in cereals, vegetables and legumes. It is not only the notorious buckwheat and rice, but also a fresh whole wheat bread, vegetable soup and any vegetable salads and steamed vegetables.
  3. The third cycle of diet - carbohydrate day. Perhaps this is the favorite day for all the sweet tooth that allows them to sit through this complex but effective diet, indulging in pleasures. Eat candy can be any that does not contain milk and eggs. Eat cake you ever, even ice cream, even chocolate! Even on the third day allowed buckwheat, millet and other cereals, vegetables, spices and tomato sauce.
  4. The fourth day of the diet is useful for the whole body, because he vitamins. Apart from nuts, seeds and fruit, you can add to any diet juices and dried fruits. How to complete 90 day diet menu When you will sit easily on this diet for 28 days, you must arrange Statement lightness day - to relieve the body to clean water without gas. To improve the overall diet, experts recommend to observe a few rules:
  5. lunch and dinner should be strictly in the time interval from 12 to 20 hours;
serving dinner to be half the size of a dinner ; fruit and drinks is better to eat before dinner.


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