10 rights as control men

Renowned psychologist revealed the main rules of manipulation skills masculine consciousness that will allow every woman to achieve success in men

Niphon Dolgopolov psychologist found out that the man will be ready to implement any woman's whim, if he admires her. And in order to please a man, there are some simple rules to apply to the power of each woman.

1. Find out their needs
The most important thing - to know the basic needs of men and try to satisfy them. It is important to gently help him understand the value of women. If you just meet his needs, he may not understand that this is the contribution of women.

2. Respect his values ​​
Respect his principles, values, rules. If your principles are different, you talk about their values, while being careful not to criticize the ideas and values ​​of men. This is a rare quality among women, yet very valuable. Men seldom like women who his "lowered».

3. Speak compliments
For every man an important part of life - a success. And this success can be in a variety of areas.

4. Dress in accordance with his tastes
Learn their preferences regarding the appearance. Try to be attractive according to the criteria of an attractive man. This also - learn their preferences, including what he likes clothes that excites him, and so on. Try it also possible to meet.

5. Provide support for the man
It is important to try to be friendly, welcoming. Here the question is not about physical attractiveness, and about the goodwill that is configured for the partner. Let the man support in difficult situations on the words - "I believe in you" or "You deal with it" - and in fact.

6. Do not ship men emotions
Do not ship the emotions of men and the number of emotions that he can not stand. Remember: a man is able to withstand less emotion than a woman, he said to him less fit. If you over-express joy or sadness, emotions overwhelmed the man and he does not know how to deal with it, how to react.

7. Pick up the correct word
If a man and woman is a contradiction, it is important to mark them gently and quietly. The main thing - to try to agree on most of these contradictions, because men tend to be more straightforward, they are less capable of some kind of compromise.

8. Be honest
In our culture, many describe the manipulative means to attract a man, but in fact most of his draws no affectedness, not artificial, and sincerity.

9. Be self-sufficient
It is important that the woman remained vibrant, independent, independent, and not just a tool was "like a man." To its self manifested and lived. It always attracts.

10. In all comply with the measure
I recall the famous aphorism thinker: "A man loses interest for the woman who loves him too and vice versa." The manifestation of their feelings do not forget to comply with the measure.


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