Pear cake with chocolate



  • Flour — 175 g (weighed to the gram strictly on electronic kitchen scales)
  • Butter (margarine) — 100 g
  • Sugar — 2 table. spoon
  • Egg — 1 PC.
  • Salt on the tip of a knife
  • Cold water — 1 table. spoon.

  • Egg — 1 PC.
  • Egg yolk — 1 PC.
  • Cream — 150 ml
  • Vanilla

  • 3-4 ripe pears (we have two large)
  • 100 g dark chocolate of good quality (70% cocoa)
  • Sugar — 1-2 tablespoons.
Sift flour in a dish, make a deepening in the middle. Combine slightly softened butter, egg, sugar, a pinch of salt and 1 tablespoon cold water, pour this mixture into the well in the flour and knead the dough. If the dough crumbles, add 1 more table. a spoonful of water. Roll the dough into a ball, wrap it in foil and put in refrigerator for 15 minutes to make it solid.
Then roll out the dough, spread it into the form, lubricated with oil (we form pre-made paper for baking, and it is already lubricated with oil), and lightly pressed against the walls.
Pierce base with a fork, sprinkle with grated chocolate and let cool in the fridge for another 15 minutes.

Make cream: whisk 1 egg, egg yolk, cream and vanilla.
Pear cut in half, clean from the skin and seeds, cut into thin slices crossways, lay them on the chocolate. Pour sliced pears with cream.

Put the form with cake in the oven, bake at 180 degrees until crisp (about an hour). Give the finished cake to cool slightly (about ten minutes), spread on a plate.



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