How to implement dreams: 9 tricks


The theme of success is extremely popular nowadays, addressing these issues is passionate about many experts and authors of textbooks. We have chosen the most effective advice.

Appreciate the time When we are not particularly committed to the desired goals, most importantly, what we lose is forever lost minutes, months and years. It is not that we can't get what you want, but the fact that it is necessary to obtain in time. Agree that a spoon is dear to dinner, and if we want to sleep, then fall asleep anywhere only then, when I finally get to bed. Also with other plans. Dreams don't come true on time, tend to lose their appeal and even get the result, we will not be so happy. Caroline Arnold's book, "Micromachine" gives some tips:

1. Don't make decisions that will not be able to perform. Similar errors were made by those who promise themselves to go on a strict diet. If you replace the huge task smaller (to limit the amount of product or time of use), to execute it will be much easier. It is important that the purpose was guaranteed in advance doable.

2. The goal should be individual. Don't promise yourself to quit Smoking just because it's the trend. It's easier to realizing a specific harm to themselves. You suffer from shortness of breath, bad Wake up or are sick? Abandoning tobacco, you will know which good to wait.

3. Formulate positive! The promise which you have given yourself should make you enthusiastic and not longing and rejection. It is logical that in the second case you will be looking for ways to take time off, but in the first – still, make a plan. Similarly, children are persuaded to eat "delicious" porridge, promising a pleasant, and not difficult to understand the benefit of the body.

If you made a promise to myself to stop fighting with a man, the goal rather should be called "try to understand a loved one, become nearer and dearer" than "to restrain his bad temper and spite that to admit he was right". The message should not contain criticism, accusations and convictions, which will slow down the process.

Just do it In another allowance "don't put off until tomorrow" by a Professor of psychology at Carleton University in Canada, Timothy has Pichola, discusses in detail the problems of those who avoids the difficulties and effort. And it is so much we do not perform. The main task here is to understand why we do not want to act, even if it's exactly in our interest. Realizing this, in each case, you can overcome all obstacles on the way to the goal. Here are tips from Timothy:

1. Choose what to feel. Putting that in mind, we are definitely running from something. We don't want to feel fear or helplessness, and is likely to stay in place than move forward. The secret is to switch from bad to good, not to think about that will negative, tune in to what lies ahead can be a plus. Actually it is, because the future is unpredictable: you may not know how to pass the interview for the best job, but avoiding the fear of failure, pull with career growth.

2. Realize that "tomorrow" never comes. Just because it's "tomorrow". It concerns you if to plan you waiting for the mood. The author offers to recognize this self-deception, since we expect an incredible coincidence of all factors that all happened by itself. This again is a reluctance to make the effort. To wait when all will be together for years.

3. Expect to be wrong. We will likely insist that they themselves know better, but if the results we do not like, you must reconsider. The ability to see your mistakes in advance, surprising and valuable. Starting from their guaranteed failures, you will soon find a correct way with their full consideration. Don't say, "from tomorrow – only healthy food!", tell me honestly: "most likely, I'll find a reason to dine oily cake." Perhaps you with more energy will go to training.

Don't give up on dreams

Richard Newton and Ciprian Rasen based his book "From words to action!" on the experience of ordinary people. They all realized their dreams. The authors claim that to dream and to make dreams come true, you need to be able to learn. What works?

1. Sort. It is important to deal with the plans at the very beginning. According to the classification of the authors of the dream may relate to past ( and then they are not feasible), can be very ambitious ( which is great, but requires investment), can be the most cherished (it is better to choose one). After this analysis it is easier to prioritize.

2. Map. To think, to paint and draw all the smallest details of the plan on the way to the dream. Specify and prescribe all of the steps and their characteristics. To calculate the amount of resources needed, and specify where and how to get them.

3. Recognition of success. On the way to the dream it is important to stop and assess made. It's inspiring. To the final destination may be far, but it is necessary to look back. If six months ago you intend to obtain a diploma of the best University on the planet, but your level is still not up, look around and appreciate what work you have done, and how now you are already closer to the goal.



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