Self-clean the body of toxins

The slagging of the body the last few decades is recognized by doctors as a serious problem. Of toxins the body of modern man needs to be clean. For this there are clinical and traditional methods.

Methods of cleansing the body today there are several dozen, and there are always new. In order to choose the most suitable, you need to understand the basic principle of getting rid of toxins.

In ancient times people did not know about the cleansing and had far fewer health problems. The living conditions of several centuries ago differed greatly from today. Environment and unnatural foods, alas, I leave a trail of toxins in the body, and all processes are not as nature intended. As a result of the disease.

For cleansing, as already noted, there are different methods. One of them is colon hydrotherapy. This procedure is carried out in the clinic using a special apparatus. It lasts two hours and helps not only to break up with the slag, but also to lose a few pounds. Colon hydrotherapy improves the vitality of the body and is quite effective. But this popular method has one flaw – along with the toxins washed away microflora, which can lead to dysbacteriosis. Therefore, colon hydrotherapy uses a special solution, and the procedure shall be conducted not more than five sessions in six months.

Second medical, but bezoparnym method of purification is fasting. This individual (note – appointed doctor!) food regime that is cleansing effect on the body. Its essence is that the stomach has not much food and the body works "idle", doing not the accumulation of fat, and an intense self-cleaning. This method is suitable not for everyone. And the diet should be developed individually competent expert, after delivery of the relevant analyses and taking into account the degree of contamination of the body.

Alternative clinical cleaning are the traditional methods. The most innocuous of them is rinsing with salt water. Special equipment is not required. You will need a weak, barely felt, saline solution and a few simple physical exercises. In order to wash the colon, you need an empty stomach to drink a large pot of salted water to perform after this exercise and monitor the fluid which is excreted from the body. When the liquid becomes transparent, the body was cleansed. Rinsing with salt water gives a feeling of lightness, clears skin, freshens breath and normalizes digestion and improves sleep. After cleaning, it is recommended to spend a week on a diet of steamed vegetables.

Can be used for purification of herbal teas and fees. And not only in the form of teas, but capsules. Whichever method you choose, even herbal tea, you should consult with your doctor. Since absolutely any method of purification of toxins can be contraindications.published



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