9 ideas for Breakfast of the day

Often because of the crazy rhythm of a deliberately refuse to Breakfast. And it is in vain, because the morning is the only time when you will not only enjoy the delicious food, which will be the basis of a new day, but a homelike atmosphere with your beloved family, is more expensive which there is nothing. No Breakfast the morning of the day is to deprive yourself of tasty and home-made sweet in the morning.

Breakfast of the day does not have to be excessively rich, it can be easy. But it needs to be unusual and beautifully presented.

Romantic bliss

On Saturday in a hurry. If you have no family tradition of Breakfast in bed, then it's time to turn her on. All you need is a beautiful tray or mini-table, bright cloth napkins and a sprig of fresh flowers. For this romantic Breakfast will be a great choice coffee pot with freshly brewed aromatic coffee or cocoa, croissants and a few sweet confections to choose from. To prepare the croissants themselves are very simple, if the freezer is a ready puff pastry. 15 minutes and your house from the morning will be filled with the smell of fresh fragrant pastries.

Field for experimentation If you always eat for Breakfast standard products — cereal, yoghurt, muesli, toast, pancakes, weekend is the time for new dishes and fresh ideas. Try, be creative, never repeat, and you will be provided a wonderful mood for the whole day.

You don't eat Breakfast mushrooms? Cook quail eggs in hats of mushrooms with herbs. Serve them in bowls on lettuce with orange juice. For dessert, coffee and pistachio ice cream or the mascarpone ice cream dish with blueberries. And bright colors to your table will add napkins with prints and a large wicker bowl with colorful fruit.

Exotic Sunny morning a Homemade Breakfast can look like copyright set ethnic chef of the restaurant. And you will spend cooking time minimum.

Orange juice, thin crispy strips of fried bacon and fried banana halves with mozzarella, lightly drizzled with caramel or maple syrup. This Breakfast will surely remind you of summer holidays spent in one of the exotic countries, if on the table to put the clear bowl with colored shells.

Blue blood If you want something more subtle, tart with soft cream cheese and red caviar, coffee, miniature snails with cinnamon and vanilla cream will be a great start to Saturday. Chic will add a bright linen tablecloth, silver Cutlery and white crockery. This also fits perfectly into a vintage sugar bowl fine China donated by grandma and forgotten in the depths of the loft.

Easy start to the day If you prefer a light and healthy Breakfast, prepare it in the style of "fitness instructor at leisure". The main dish will be a salad of crayfish, avocado, Romano leaves, arugula with lemon juice and soy sauce.

A large glass of fresh vegetable juice, a bowl of berries and green tea will make the morning fresh and delicious. For a good mood put directly on the table green apples and a few cinnamon sticks.

Mardi Gras forever And does not need to wait for the holiday to enjoy flavorful pancakes. Saturday morning is a great reason to treat yourself to pancakes. Thick or thin, delicate or made from buckwheat flour – the variety of recipes gives you huge scope for creativity. Importantly, the pancakes had a lot of toppings — from sweet to hearty.

It can be fried eggs, cheese with herbs, goose pate, red caviar, fruit puree, cream sauce. And to add authenticity, can be used as napkins towels with a folk figure and the dishes in the Russian style.

For food lovers How about a casserole with potatoes for Breakfast and sweet cocoa? After this hearty no one will go hungry. And consumers are unlikely to want dessert, so the preparation of this Breakfast takes the least time. Potatoes can be boiled the evening, and all the rest will be done by the oven.

Scrambled eggs in a whole new light scrambled Eggs for Breakfast no surprise, but roasted asparagus under the eggs completely. But for coffee you can submit a baked Apple stuffed with vanilla ice cream and pine nuts.

So Saturday morning was even more enjoyable, decorate the table or tray with a flower in a pot and floating in a glass bowl of candles.

Norwegian Breakfast

Half baked potatoes in their skins with a circle of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, hot black tea and sweet pretzels with almond glaze – the original Breakfast for Saturday. And if you add the plate with the squares of herring with greens and black pepper, you get a real Norwegian holiday at home. published

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