5 ideas Lenten breakfasts

Came post — and what most compelled people to think — especially having a big family? Of course, the food, alas. About food, about its composition, how to cook tasty and nutritious, and ideally more, to simply and quickly. Because the prospect of spending the whole post at the stove not happy, I'm sure.

Most interesting is that the recipes meatless food a lot, opportunities are also available, but laziness all it to implement... especially since the result (in the sense — eat or not) in my family, for example, is unpredictable. Could easily be that half of the family will like, and the other half won't eat cooked. However, to write a Lenten dinner is not particularly big problem, having lunch everyone except me, outside of the home. Another problem is the Breakfast, that requires a really creative approach!

With Breakfast in the post constant "ambush". I don't know about you, but for me it's an eternal headache to make the husband and children left for the day hungry. Then me and oatmeal will fit, if it is, the Breakfast issue is always resolved. Me, but not children, in which oatmeal and milk will not stick, not that its lean. And this year we have a very interesting situation — the three older kids get up before us, gather yourself and go to school. That means we need to provide them with breakfasts that don't require effort in meal preparation to get warmed up and eat, and so nourishing and delicious. So I began to think, how to provide it. And in the process of my thoughts was born the list.

Please note that this is not specific recipes, namely 5 ideas for a meatless Breakfast. Frankly, the exact recipe (unless baking, where strict proportions) I do not like to use because they require a certain set of products, specific manipulations, of time. And people's tastes are too different. So I personally prefer the idea as the basis for creativity. Like things and ideas "IKEA" — getting what you like, pick up the idea and doing, based on their personal taste and preferences. My list included and quick ideas, and those that require some cooking and preparation, then there are domestic products. And, incidentally, continuing the theme of last article — any ideas more than the budget!


Start with pancakes, because they're lean rescue, they eat all my kids! Importantly, the filling was different. Yes, it's a dish that will have to prepare in advance. And if we undertake it, in full. It is foolish to start the batter for a dozen pancakes, right? So I make a lot at once. Yeast vegetable pancakes turn out very tasty and elastic, if the dough to add a little more sunflower oil and let the dough rise, and then give him a good stir.

The dough is simple — water, salt, sugar, yeast, flour and sunflower oil. And yet, in the process of making pancakes is not dried up them out of the corner, it would be good to close the ready pancakes cover (in the form of heat). Your slide pancakes — the basis for further creativity in terms of toppings. It could be anything, depending on your taste — cabbage, rice, potatoes, beans, peas, with the addition of fried onions (bulb and green), mushrooms, fish, seafood. Sweet fillings — berries with the sugar, grated apples, thick jam. And then everything just wrapped the filling in a pancake, better rolls, and in the freezer. All delicious and nutritious Breakfast fast cooking for a few days is ready!

2-3 minutes in the microwave and can handle any child and any man on their own. And I would like to add about the cost of this dish: I calculated that 20 pancakes (bigger than those that are sold in packs) with cabbage and rice, very tasty, cost me 50 (!!!) rubles. And, of course, plus my job on a day off.

  Vegetable cutlets

Our second standard dish requires preparation, and again we are storing it in industrial volumes. Potato patties (or fritters, if you like). Base —potato, then of course, cleaned and crank grinder. Further to this dough add, again, that you want — mushrooms, onions, herbs, spices. This is a very convenient cake mix, the cakes can be frozen UN-roasted (and then their preparation will require a little more time) and roasted (then just warm). You can use them as a hot dish, peas and sauce, and can be put on a sandwich. The sandwich usually goes "yesterday's" cold pancakes left over from dinner. Any veg burgers that you love, prepared in advance and frozen would be fine for Breakfast. Again — the dish is very inexpensive.


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