It is not easy to live simply, or who has how many workers?

I am often asked, what do you have for simple life, if you have so much strain on about the stupidest things, conserve water, dream about the press for debris to attach to the unnecessary things, to understand the types of recycled plastic, to bother with the amount of clothing, to look for local products minimize your footprint and write all the time about all of this in a blog?

Yes, the habit is simple all do not think so. But over time I began to discern nuances. "Just" ceases to be synonymous with the words "fast", "cheap", "convenient", "comfortable"... there is a new responsibility for the decisions made. For example, I bought a lot of stuff, which for some time served as a comfortable existence, all right now it at least properly disposed of, like the cottage cheese with preservatives, are too lazy to do the cheese myself my jars, keep in the balcony and drive packages for the promotion of separate collection once a month, came to India with the child and are afraid to wash fruits with water from the tap, look at your battery plastic bottles, suffer and seek an alternative.

The style of consumption is, perhaps, the first thing that draws the attention of people somehow going to "the simple life". And it's not about to relinquish all the benefits of civilization and live a subsistence economy (although before this, many heard), but that with the help of some of the limitations of experiments, basic care to themselves and to life to pay attention to what comes from where and is it all necessary.

In India, where everything is at all about it I had a lot to reflect on what simple living is determined largely by the fact how many people provide your daily existence and well-being. Yes, on the one hand, slavery is long gone and universally condemn, on the other, of course, how many people around the world actually working for free, producing huge volumes of things that we use, for example. Cheap jackets from chain stores, bananas, disposable plastic toys, reusable (just kidding) handmade figurines, home appliances, iPhones, cleaning companies, entertainment media, I will cease to enumerate, but it is hard to imagine an area that is not concerned. People work for people, division of labor, Yes, we do something for someone do not always get a decent reward, or even gratitude, that's fine. I would rather that if you choose a course to "simplify" life, you don't don't care what anyone does to you, you think about, and what can you do yourself, and whether you need everything that you used to enjoy, whether you should serve that many people and companies?

Of course, there are those whose mission was so important and so widely scattered, who he can no longer spend your precious time on cleaning, cooking, sewing and repair the broken things, but it seems to me such a little, much more those, who are just waiting for (browsing the Internet, on the Internet or something else killing time), yet he will do what he in principle could do myself. Know how this restaurant absurdity: to sit down, make yourself comfortable and slightly irritated, wait until the bear menu, until the order will take until to be able to know the password of the wifi, yet cook food, until you catch a glimpse of a waiter to get the bill until you get the bill, you will wait until the delivery... of course this is just an example, maybe not the most obvious, when supposedly the comfort is sold with a large profit, you service, although you would much faster he went over the menu to the bar, a score and other things (by the way, I often do, though all of them may not like it). Anyway, if we are talking about the purpose — to satisfy hunger — there are ways much easier and cheaper.

I knit a lot now, you know, and think about what to buy, for example, wool socks — nonsense, are sold everywhere, but I guess anyone who has faced caring hand things from family, I understand. Casual socks from transition house does not have enough space. And the thing is that inconvenient and ugly socks from the transition related to the alleged Nepalese and Nepalganj, and not the perfect dress, custom made knows how the patterns, and flimsy gadgets that no repairs, all of these additional services, a marketing ploy, waiters and maids, gardeners and governesses, they are close and do not bring calm, joy and creativity (up to barbs in his fingers, shivers, and butterflies in the stomach) feeling, "how terrible you alive, as you are incredibly rich," what you can get in India significantly reducing the range of its invisible, nameless "slaves", instead surrounding himself with like-minded people who don't need to explain anything, your friends, where you learn simple and bright people who love their job, not accidental things, warm, fit, beautiful, her, and getting rid of all the other

And with such friends and such values, when there is a connection with themselves, their true needs, and with nature, its energy, beauty and power, living is easy, otherwise easier than not thinking about it at all. And sometimes, if lucky, this "simpler" even became a synonym for the word "happiness". published

Author: Anna Black

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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