Liz Burbo: Replace the word "problem" with the word "experience"

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You really have a problem?

I sincerely believe that it would be possible to avoid many difficulties, if it were not for the word "problem". Instead of the word "problem" I prefer to use the word "experience". Let's look at the dictionary definition of these words.

Problem: a Situation that carries challenges that must be resolved to obtain a result; unstable or dangerous situation that needs to be addressed.

Experience: Active participation in events or activities leading to the accumulation of knowledge and skills.

You agree that the second definition is much better?

I know that certain situations at first do seem to be real problems.Here are some that I often hear:

"I have money problems"

"I don't understand people"

"I can't find a mate"

"I have a problem with children" or"a hard child"

"I have a problem with weight"

"I have health problems"

"Can't get along with her husband"

"Cannot find work"

How to turn these challenges into experience? First of all, you must recognize that everything that happens in your life you have created for yourself. However, as a rule, it is created unconsciously. I do not believe that mankind is so prone to masochism. We always get what you believe in, hence the expression — "the thought is material". The very thoughts are determined by the system of our views.And when it happens something unpleasant, the opposite of what you want, then your mental attitudes are contrary to your needs. This is why we say that inevitably brings something that helps us understand our setup.

Higher principle that exists in us always knows our true needs and cares that we stood face to face with the problem, thereby, helping us to realize that we lose contact with our spiritual essence or God within us, and allow unwholesome thoughts to control your life.

If we perceive the problem this way, it becomes much easier to consider it as an experience that allows us to improve ourselves. The problem turns into a project we're working on.

Let's go back to the above mentioned problems and turn them into useful projects and experience.


Anxious thoughts trigger an alarm. Thoughts on prosperity begets prosperity.Be aware of your thoughts about money, write them when they come to you, trying to do it daily. Ask others to note that you're talking about, or what action do they take regarding money.

The more you give, the more you get – so the law of prosperity. What have you given lately? He gave generously and without regret, without expecting anything in return, just for fun to give? But have you ever thought ever about what prosperity, tried to study this issue? At present there are many books and conducted many trainings on this topic.

Decide for yourself that you have no more problems, and there is only the project which has the aim to change the attitude to money, which blocks the arrival of prosperity in your life. Changing your attitude and belief system, you automatically change your behavior.


If you find it difficult to communicate with people, make a list of fears that lie behind these difficulties and give yourself permission to have those fears. Most likely, in your family there was no one who could learn how to communicate with people. Do not criticize, do not condemn yourself, and most importantly, do not try to emulate in communicating to someone else, especially if you tend to compare yourself with someone who easily communicates with people.

Every project has a starting point. The contractor is planning to build a house begins with the Foundation. In terms of communication, start with what you admit your fears to the people with whom you have difficulty communicating. Allow yourself to have limits and not be able to transgress these boundaries. Remember that once you give yourself permission to have fears, to begin the process of transformation. Because of the fact that you do not accept yourself, everything is blocked and nothing changes.


Maybe you're expecting too much from a future spouse? Instead limit yourself to a list of everything you want from a spouse, rely on top beginning inside, the one who knows your true needs. The right person will be in your way at the right time. However, you need to plan this project and to begin to act. What actions can you commit each week? For example, with a smile to say "Good morning" to at least three strangers.

When you meet someone new, regardless of how they met, slowly, learn this person better (at least for three months) before deciding that he or she does not suit you. What is the basis you have to say after first date: "No, it's not he (she)"? Obviously, you are comparing it with his mental list of qualities, a list that produced a system of beliefs and fears from your past!

When you create an image of an ideal spouse, you are likely to deviate from reality, and such spouse is unlikely to satisfy your true needs. In many cases, the reason to tell someone "no" — this is the reason why you should say Yes. Aspect of the character that you do not like it or it reflects the aspect that you do not like in yourself.


Difficult children are very rare; the real problem lies in how the parents relate to the needs of the child (I'm not talking here about satisfying his every desire). From the moment you are sincerely interested in the needs of their child and drop your settings from the past about raising children, you will see a noticeable improvement in your relationship.To hear his inner needs, telling him about their difficulties, about your commitment and desire to be in contact with him. Be close with your child instead of trying to control him and dominate him. When you are embarking on a new path, ask for his help. I know that this approach will require you to humility, but the transformation of your relationship with the child is so inspirational and worth the effort.


The primary mental attitude leading to excess weight is this: "Let's ... I'll take it!". All the time you want to satisfy somebody's needs. This approach leads to the fact that you, wanting to help someone, the result of punishing yourself. You find it difficult to pleasure yourself. (All your energy goes to please others) People with a weight problem scolds himself, enjoying the food.

He was inclined to deprive themselves of a product (a form of punishment). If he eats this product, then feels guilty for it, or because you ate too much (again punishing yourself, blaming). You are so used to "take responsibility" it's difficult to take something from others. When others give you something, you think that you've left out something, and you feel you must give something in response, again by punishing yourself.

Biggest fear behind this attitude – the fear of shame for himself, or fear to embarrass the other person. A sense of shame may manifest in several areas of your life, for example, how you eat, dress up in your sex life, etc. You can accept the project: more aware, as you have assumed their Affairs and the extent of the shame that you experience. Then imbued with sympathy for yourself and start to meet their needs.


When some part of your body hurts, it seeks to help you. Higher principle within you, thus sending you the message. Any physical discomfort or illness indicates that one or more of unconscious mental attitudes interfere with your development. To quickly find this message, first understand the function of the affected part and install a connection with the situation in your life.

For example, if the problem is with digestion, the question to ask is: "What situation or what person in my life, I can't digest?" With this perception of the disease you realize that actually you have no health problems. Instead, you experience something that helps you to resolve some issue in your life. To get more information on this subject, I refer you to his book, "Your body says "Love yourself!", where I explain in detail the metaphysical meaning of more than three hundred diseases and ailments.


You need to accept the fact that you once attracted to your spouse is not destiny (good or bad). Your spouse is a tool for your spiritual development and not just a companion to your material and social life. How? You need to accept the idea that he or she is your mirror image. Everything that you criticize in your spouse, is an accurate reflection of what you do not accept in yourself.It is impossible to see in another person something that is not in fact you.

Your spouse helps you to know yourself better. Understand this, and your relationship will improve considerably. If you say to yourself, "Yes, but this is me all the time criticizing!", remember the proverb: "as you sow, so shall you reap" Stay focused on the realization of self-criticism. The implementation of this project will take you a long time.


Maybe you're expecting too much from the future work, as in the case of a person looking for a couple? What have you done lately to find a job? Here's the deal: starting next Monday, you work full time, you walk everywhere and leave your resume. You do this in person, not by phone or email. Choose a specific street and walk along it, stopping in all the company is on its way.

You'll probably start to argue: "But I don't want to run into the first company!". Who says that? Your mind (intellect) or your inner God? Higher beginning inside of you that knows your needs, there is no need to worry. You will receive exactly the work that you need. Do not refuse any proposal. Or is that what you would like, but still accept it. In the long term it is probably you and not ideal, but, apparently, this is the job for you for a short time, to bring you to new opportunities. You stand face to face with their fears, and it will be a great experience that will open you new opportunities.

For any other problems not mentioned in the article, perform the same steps.Transform it in project a rewarding experience. With this attitude to problems you can only win. And, most importantly, remember, you always have the right of choice. You have the power to choose a life full of problems and hardships or a life full of experience and happiness. published

Author: Liz Burbo

translation Catherine Kosovo

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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