Liz Burbo: "accept" has nothing to do with "be willing"

Kriticheskoe condition — this is the highest degree of spirituality to which everyone can achieve. This can be achieved by applying the laws of unconditional love in all circumstances of our life, to all people.

Did you know that to achieve kriticheskogo state only after TRUE acceptance of who we really are?

Living in unconditional love means never to judge another person or ourselves, that is, to accept that we are all different, not trying to convert anyone.

This principle is simple, but to apply it in practice difficult. It is difficult for us to love with unconditional love because of our ego, which for many is lived earlier lives took us over and made us completely forget about how to listen to your heart. We spend time listening to the many quiet voices of our ego.


Let's take for example parents who learn that their teenage daughter is taking drugs and seeing other young people of their own age who also take drugs. They decide not to accept this situation because they believe that if the situation is not to react, their daughter is lost. Their reaction is absolutely normal, because they love her and consider myself responsible for her happiness.

Thus, they believe that to accept means to do nothing and accept this behavior of his daughter. But it's not. Make means, rather, to recognize that they don't like what's happening to their daughter that they care about her and that their greatest desire is to help her begin to aspire to a better life, but she decided to choose the experience with which they disagree. It's not easy, I agree.

To accept yourself is also difficult. We don't take ourselves when sick, gain weight, make mistakes when you act selfishly, lie, etc. the Difficulty arises because of beliefs that forms our constantly condemning us ego,telling us constantly that what we are doing, good or bad. The sad part is that we believe our ego instead of listening to your heart, which tells us that we are never to blame.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that we act against our needs, but it is not wise, because it leads us to the results we want, not to what we aspire with all my heart.

Let's return to the example with the girl is a teenager that takes drugs. If the parents share with her his feelings about the situation without accusations, she will tend to listen to them, sensing their respect. They have the right to disagree with her actions, but do not have the right to impose their way of thinking. If they truly want to help her, they should rather ask her about her wishes regarding her future.

If she can't answer, they can ask her questions like: "do you Want to be healthy? Do you want prosperity? Do you want to do the work? Do you want to be happy? If you want to start a family?", etc. Then they can ask her whether her current choice to what she wants or rather what she doesn't want? Also, they can explain to her that despite her choices, only she will be responsible for the consequences of such a choice. Thus, they will help her to take responsibility. They can Express their fears about the consequences that maybe she will one day have to face if she will continue to take drugs. But what their fears are their fears and only she can decide to change their behavior or not.

It is impossible to predict that it is the soul of our loved ones have to survive and to pass to its development. Also, nobody can prevent us to live a particular experience, even if it seems negative.

To truly accept yourself is to accept whatever we consider negative in relation to themselves. To admit that we have weaknesses, fears, traumas, and that sometimes we are incompetent, etc.

To achieve kriticheskogo state does not mean to act always PERFECT, that is, to always have a positive behavior to make positive actions. It is a utopia. No one can achieve this. However, we need to make in our behavior was the same positive aspects as negative, that helps us to understand if we really take ourselves. The most wonderful thing in this is that the more we accept ourselves the way we want to be, the faster we become that which we want to be.


In conclusion, let me remind you that "accept" has nothing to do with "to be agree". "Accept" is a spiritual concept, "be willing" (that is, to have the same opinion) — the concept of reason. Opinion is always based on what we've learned in the past, and the acceptance occurs when we apply the laws of unconditional, true love. published

With love, Lise Bourbeau.

Translated from the French Ia Zaitsev




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