Easy accessibility: what happened to the sense of self-esteem in women

It seems to me that many of the women did something happen with dignity. Good woman consider themselves to be "too" good, and instead encourage men to development and spiritual growth, to inspire them to great deeds with its beauty and inaccessibility, we will in a few days and weeks are ready to take their positions and do everything to save the man.

Women agree to live with men who don't want to start a family, because I hope that "who knows, one day you change your mind". Women agree to be "the one", because now "all the way live", "men are polygamous in nature". Women are now playing "alfaclock" and predators using a spell visual appeal, starting a relationship with it, and then complain that "the man was crushed, is nowhere present". So why men to go the extra mile if they do so, everything is given. What is there to gain if the "prey" she came and suggested himself as a performer of the desires of men? It's not about all women and not about all men, but this, unfortunately, is a lot. I understand that among the readers there are dissenters. And among men and among women. And the amazing thing is that among women will disagree and unhappy... won the woman from the possibility to "win" the man in the modern world? We all benefit from a quick physical convergence? I think we even have a culture of communication men and women are special-and no culture of Dating, no culture of courtship no. It is clear that who is going to wait two months (the horror! and if I do?))) without intimacy, if around there are many readily available options for pleasure. I think the question here is not even in the physiology of male or female, and that where we direct our energy. The education of boys in modern society is not very encouraging in this manifestation of masculinity, at least the inner masculine qualities - responsibility, commitment, determination, fortitude, restraint in emotion, but the will of the senses. Aye, the image of the relief of the male body dominates the minds of thousands of women, but it's amazing what the male body as much muscle if for many they are only required in the gym. Chopping wood, building a house, working in the field, to fight in armor on the battlefield, to work physically on their land — among young people is not so great a percentage of busy in such events, and the easiest way to feel their manliness is physical intimacy. And the more women, the more a man. Hmm... I think we all have much more sense. The education of girls today, too divorced from the image of a mother and wife. Seductive Cougars, highly intelligent bitch, "the iron lady" and a lot more popular in the modern world. But if you're a wife, mother and housewife, it's not really "prestigious". Olga Valyaeva one of the first to talk about it in his articles and books (Valeeva.ru), and, of course, such statements cause resistance. I mean the claim that women's purpose is to be a Woman to be a Wife and Mother. And we are fighting for independence and because "I want to realize myself in your business". The wife and mother is not a very dignified occupation for many of us... In my opinion, sounds terrible. And to admit it is not very easy. Starting a relationship with physical intimacy, can we expect that they will last many years, it's about family and kids, it's about the collective journey, it's about self-development and about the depth? Perhaps there are such stories, but they are more about exceptions than about the rules. The problem is that the query inside a not — relationship for life, to the end of life, etc. someone has, but generally in society there is no family values. Divorce before reaching years into the marriage, do not hold on even to the fifth day of the birth of your baby, to get married, but "if I meet someone better, they'll go elsewhere". Somewhere crept in system error, I think. Something's wrong here. It is clear that many of us already have as it is. Children and divorce, and not the first family. But should more attention to this, I think. To learn, to grow, to raise the level of spiritual development. Start each with myself, first and foremost, and not to throw accusations at the partner. I am very close to the idea that in religious societies there is no need of psychologists because everyone lives according to conscience and internal high standards, need for external regulation of relations there. Does it make sense to strive to partner was one and for life to the first intimacy happened after marriage, I don't know. I think everyone needs to decide for themselves. But I am convinced that there is always a sense more conscious approach to build relationships, take time to socialize, spend alone for some time and get to know each other better, but no hurry to jump into bed until I installed a more subtle connection. Physical intimacy, of course, pleasant, but without mental contact she empties rather than empowering. Meeting the needs of the physical body is unlikely to be the highest goal of human life, leading him to happiness and harmony with himself. Warmth, love, friendship, support, growth and development are the foundations of a good and strong relationship, physical intimacy is part of them. But not Vice versa. I think so, but you certainly have the right to think otherwise. published Author: Dean Richards, P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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