Why are there so many unhappy women?

Have you ever thought about the fact that most women somehow are not satisfied with your life? Their body, looks, age, job, husband, house, children, parents, friends, prosperity... the List is endless. Almost any woman something in your life unhappy. And this, of course, poisoning her life.

The rich want to become younger, young would like to be richer. Those who have a super-work, the dream of a family, and those who have family and children, looking for a dream job. Those who have sons, daughters, and mothers of girls dream of the heir. Those who have a nice house, jealous of the traveling light, and the nomadic dream about our own house. If a woman is slim, she wants to get better. If it is a form wants to lose weight. Curly – to straighten hair, and those who have hair straight from nature – wind and do "Khimki".

No matter how much you give a woman, she always needs more. We always want one dress more than we have (or even two). We always need a few more pairs of earrings and shoes. The house always lacks at least one more room. No matter how many rooms. And children often want at least one more. And the salary of her husband to finish would be another zero. There is always something that can and should be improved. There is always reason for worries and anxieties. There's always a chance to feel not fully happy, to miss and to mourn. For example, it is possible to be sad that already have everything, don't know what to want.

Men are so difficult with our gluttony. If they go on about many the impression of a bottomless pit where no matter how positive – will not be enough. Many this feeling takes away any desire to do something. Because whatever you did, whatever gave – there will always be little, insufficient and wrong.

Wise men say that a woman should always leave a little hungry. Not to try to satisfy whatever it is – things, experiences, emotions, fulfillment of desires. Such permission many men can make life easier.

But if we're talking about yourself? Do not you think that this feature is poisoning our entire life? Constant quest somewhere, where the grass is greener, the search around the best places and the best conditions ingratitude for what is already there?

I have a friend who could not get pregnant. Did IVF. Gave birth to a daughter. And suddenly, after six months pregnant again. Itself. Although this is unrealistic. It's a miracle. But she is unhappy. Why so fast? Why is it a girl? Why not warned? And it would seem – hail the miracle, right?

Another friend not married yet. She has a lot of time and opportunities for all that she loves. She goes on pilgrimage, is the temple, takes different dreams of your life. And wildly worried that she defective. Just because a husband she does not. But when the husband, most likely, she will not be able to do half of the things that he loves today.

The third friend is married and has three children. But her feelings about that in this world it is a zero without a stick. Because she does not go to work, benefit to society and does not bring in a dependent. And the children-the very young – the youngest only six months.

Whatever life the woman lived, there is always something that in this life not the wrong color and size, in the wrong quantity. When the husband comes out of the shop, sorting bags, I almost always feel do not end up satisfied. Not bought this. And that bought a little. Though have brought a lot of what I need, brought straight home, to my feet – and I still the ranks of the faces. How much would a husband or money, the wife always knows where to spend. And fast. And so that is something definitely not enough.

Faced with this in your family? And in my head?

My husband so rarely and who is happy. Need to he earned a lot, but that time with his wife spent more. And that was gentle and sensitive, and a brutal defender. To him, like a stone wall, but to me is not commanded and listened. A better – listen but do not become a doormat. To were spiritually advanced but materially provided in full. Make husband the way he is – it is generally a prohibitive task for every woman. Accept that it will last a lifetime. Always. And will not change. Will also snore, throw the socks, squish the tea, do not close the tube of toothpaste... And it's all small stuff. But one must at least something to try to improve, right?

The inability to be satisfied with what we already have, are poisoning our entire life. The desire to improve even that doesn't need to improve, can be a maddening anyone. Instead of constantly wanting more right now – would cost us all learn to give thanks for what we already have. Because there is such a husband. What is. Snoring and hard working. Because of her husband yet, and a lot of time to invest in yourself to do what you want. For children who can be and absorb all of your time, but also gives a lot of happiness. Because children yet, and again, you can be more free in the realization of personal potential. For what is your favorite job that gives you money or possibilities of self-realization – or both. Because there is a possibility not to work, to be home to be with the kids. For what is where to live — we all live somewhere. And even if the housing is not ours, not what we want isn't there, and even with neighbors. For the food that we have things in our closet. Because we are healthy, hands and feet in place. You can continue for long. Because we have so much that all the "missing" — just a drop in the ocean.

And this is the most difficult task. To switch to a consciousness of abundance and gratitude. To move from the position of the eternally dissatisfied, always hungry and unsatisfied in the position of receiving and grateful. Don't throw out your desires, not to abandon them, but only to shift the focus to what we already have. This can help a "thankful Journal" in which every day you write at least 10 thank – my husband, God, peace, myself.

This is a great practice which helps to switch. But this practice should become your main habit, only then it will gradually become a part of your character. As Marina Tarhanova in every woman's life should always be prominently displayed two books. Only two. Two women of Scripture. The first is actually, the Holy Scripture of your religion – the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita. And the second is "the Tale of the fisherman and the fish". Because this insatiable old woman lives in each of us. And if we have this old woman inside are going to indulge, then one day risk being left with nothing.

Looking in my life that it's good. Try to see all possibilities. Rejoice that already. This approach will greatly facilitate the life to you and your family. And most likely, your life will begin to come desired. After all, who wants something to give always unhappy whiners? And how nice to give something back to those who love and know how to be thankful for!

In your life today is all that you need today. Tell me this "thank you". Definitely. Thank God for that, your parents (whatever they may be, but without them where would you be?). Thank finally your husband for what he already gave you and continues to give (and stop to look at what my neighbor gives his wife, and compare). Thank your friends, relatives, colleagues, boss...

Reason to be thankful we have a million. True. Let first thanks red the only paper in your diary. People don't just hear your words, they feel and your thoughts. But of course, to say out loud, always has a greater effect. As for the one who hears and the one who speaks.

Being happy is easier than you think. Just learn to be satisfied with what is already there. Learn to give thanks. And to do in his life the most important choice – no matter what happens, I want you to be happy every minute in all circumstances.published

Author: Olga Valyaeva, from the book "Healing the feminine soul"


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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