Marriage is only the beginning, the continuation of love

One of Gortinsky of the marriage laws reads: "daughter, the heiress may marry the eldest brother of the father." In the modern world, girls are given incomparably greater freedom of choice. But nowadays young people increasingly heard that the time of youth is a time to "walk". Perhaps this is peculiar to the men of the inherent polygamous nature (though, in most cases it is self-deception), but to women it's definitely unusual.

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Uncontrolled corrupts human relationships. Selecting them, the girl will never return yourself to the little, nice girl who once dreamed about his family, nursing a plastic baby. It's like drugs — try and you need to have great will power to stop.

Why do people choose these "free" relationships? Unless they are able to give people true happiness? Show me at least one who is in this lifestyle would not suffer from a deep-seated apathy. Alcoholics to reinforce the correctness of their way of life, and solder of others. Also keep yourself and choose the "free" attitude.

You can, of course, be attributed to the fact that man is not free in his choice — not because he decided what and where he was born, in what conditions, who will be his parents and how he will get a education... But all the same freedom a person has is the freedom to find the right balance between the satisfaction of their desires and the people around him. And when man finds this balance, marriage is the first step to living in harmony with others.

However, to think about the interests of others people have started recently. When I realized what benefits brings that attitude to the person, which in itself is not bad. And those whom we consider successful (by success I mean family, provided the material life, an interesting job...) even do something for others. But it is impossible to love everyone around and be a philanthropist. There is always hatred towards others. And where is great love, there is much hate. One cannot exist without the other, as good cannot exist without evil. Although this is a separate issue…

The devastation in the relations between man and woman in marriage and the family today affects absolutely everyone. But if you think about it, why is there a problem, despite the fact that everyone considers himself to be an angel, it's worth remembering the old adage: "what you sow, so shall you reap". And remember, to think: maybe I'm actually not so good, and I need to fix something about myself? Maybe not love me, because I don't like? Maybe it's just me that I love?

Because the world never wanted to hurt anybody, he just is not capable. The notion of evil exists in man, as the concept of love. And changing from the inside out, changing the attitude, we in fact change everything around. We can say that the first step of making man, the rest of the world does. What if we all stop fighting and trust the world?

After all, when a child is born and the hands of the doctor in blood stained gloves holding him, helpless, naked... the kid's not complaining about the imperfection of the world. He only trust the very hands that hold it now. So, adapting to a new world, take the first breath, to pronounce the first sounds, to hear the voice of his mother, who loves you more than anything in the world, and open your eyes... posted


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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