What held a woman needs a man?

What held a woman needs a man? The answer is – to love. Yes, just like in sound, but not so easy in life. For love that does not limit, do not force, not depressing, and not subordinates. For love that respects, preserves the internal space and the other physical, which develops and supports. It is mutual care, support, acceptance and recognition of the value. It and sex with love efficiently is quite different. No other reason to be together there.

Perhaps this is the Mature love. When there is an ardent desire to possess, and a quiet desire to be in the order itself and bring joy to another. You're good, tasty, comfortable, interesting one but two colors becomes more and feeling brighter.

And again I agree with the idea that true love is only possible between self-sufficient people. When you don't have to solve their problems at the expense of others, you can feel and appreciate the person. This is not rabid, and smooth. Happens, it so happens. No, means no.

So, “Why accomplished woman need a man?”.

I remember once I read an article where one man popularly explained why held men over forty don't need a permanent relationship. They say, money enough to have someone to do housework: cook, wash, iron, clean the house, etc. to go Out you can always find someone, the option will not be alone. If we talk about the benefits of regular sex in a steady relationship, then, first, for Mature men this question is not relevant, secondly, if you're successful, the presence of sex – no problem. Besides, Mature men, apart from work, full of Hobbies and activities: hunting, basketball (football, volleyball, etc.), sauna with friends, traveling, fishing, etc. And no time limit! No one is stressing the fact that you have something someone needs in time to come, not to forget to give, somewhere “on the road” to jump, to think, to care etc. and the comments people tried to convince them that good, they say, soul mate close that I didn't show people real love, and therefore he tries to put his existence into components.

The last few days too I think... And I can't find the reasons... Zachelacivania a woman needs a man?

Let's just put aside the arguments “from time immemorial” and “nature”. Talking here and now about the present time, OK?

So... Joint life. Honestly? Male joint life only aggravates. No man burdens, and he is a burden. And scattered socks – at all a trifle. A man is usually what mom laid? You need to take care of. And I, being an independent, distinct personality, can not grasp, what joy. With what joy I follow the clean clothes, satiety and tidiness of the same adult person, like myself? For my monitor it will not, right? If I have a need someone to care, I need this more than make up for children and animals. So caring for another adult only on the terms of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

I would say more, in the sweet age of forty there is a need to care about you. I am this close to ask the housekeeper for cooking and cleaning themselves and not to aggravate the existence of mandatory breakfasts-Lunches-dinners with the advent of a serious relationship. So that to me or me to her – just to ease my life, not to hang yourself on me.

The next moment. It is considered that a man should provide, where that family lives. And if you've done? And, in General, continue to cope? The apartment is. Did a repair. Even feelings occasions: “who will kill the nail and hang the mirror?”, “who will connect the washing machine?”, “Oh, no one to collect furniture!” is quite successfully resolved by specially trained people. And Yes, I don't know of work that can be done for the money. Without any favors repair for money doing a HUNDRED and the money will be passing inspection.

Say, what about support? Been there, done that. Weak man, not psychologically stands and tries to come off. To support women are safer. At the hospital to visit. To borrow money to give. In the evening beer smoke. To talk to under the cards in the cafe. The venting is generally better to do it with women. Well, you understand.

Oh, Yes, important! Sex. The same situation as men. No problem. With options from 22 years old to... Well, here is a matter of taste. The presence of a serious relationship kind of like promises a regular quality, but in practice is not guaranteed. Men because the same pens happen to women: “tired”, “trouble at work”, “never before”, “nuuuu, if you let me move” (it is not fu-fu-fu!). Minus the usual sex in the fact that when a man will study a woman's body, he becomes more primitive (male I mean) than it really is: this button pressed, then stroked. The whole prelude to five minutes, in fact act – three. So let me disagree: newcomers try! )))

On the not so important but interesting. Watch TV series, watch TNT, watch Comedy club. And I think... Happiness. Happiness that no one grabs the remote and begins to search for the news on all TV channels. Happiness that no one tells me that the series only look stupid women. Happiness that I at no-one bothers. Happiness that I can pour myself a glass of wine. Or a glass of cognac. And nobody will say reproachfully: “You will not drink too much?”. Happiness that I can drink coffee at 11 PM and did not listen: “And you will be able to sleep?”. Happiness that I can decide, I will be able to sleep or not. Happiness that I can view the 16 episodes of any TV series in one day, and nobody makes the brain for this reason. Lucky I'm doing what I want, and work the way I want. No one looks over my shoulder when I write and not commented: “Mut!” or “Again, with men texting!”. No one speaks about my clients: “What kind of loser you go?”. And only I myself can determine what make-up suits me, what I wear, what color to dye your hair, and in General, how long should be my hair.

In General, I'm satisfied. Happy with what we have. I love. For this I have a little boy and a big girl. Mom, sister, my godchildren. My dear friend.

There are many things that I want. Thai Boxing, dynamic meditation Osho, salsa, tango, traveling, exotic cuisine, such as jewelry, movies and artwork, challenging authors and new books, grooming, English and Chinese, and... Be helping people.

Well, give me one reason why accomplished woman need a man? published

Author: Lilia Ahremchik


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©


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