How all the same to tell a man with the potential of rogue

How to distinguish the patent from the man oladoja.For anybody not a secret that not all men succeed and find his life's work.Also not every nature has given the capacity and the inner core, about which so much is said. Let us think about how all the same to tell a man with the potential of rogue, which will take your best years.

When I met my husband he had nothing but business coming out to be zero and an old Mercedes, but I immediately realized that he was a "patent man".What does it mean? I saw that he has huge potential, which he proved to me the last 5 years. How do I know? I've been thinking on this subject and tried to find a recipe that you can easily determine, in which case still a high probability that the man will become a success.As I understand it, the old Mercedes one day will turn into a Porsche Panamera turbo?

Lay the points:

1. The ability to take responsibility.The first thing I noticed in the beginning of our relationship, that with what zeal he went to the target.The first thing he did as a real man that took responsibility for me. And from that moment he cared not only about themselves but also about whether I am happy, fed and dressed warmly, took care of my education, welfare, and safety of my family, although by the way I absolutely did not ask for and in list of "100 of the qualities of the perfect man"this item was not.However, you will agree, it is very important when you're a caring and responsible man.

In addition, in my opinion, the distinguishing feature of a "patent male", and normal in General, I is the habit of answering for his words.Promised-did, deal-arrived, realized, fulfilled.Otherwise how can you be sure of this man? Alas, not all males in our time behave this way, but responsible behavior is exactly what distinguishes a worthy man, whom we all so eager to get his companions of life, from rogue.

2.The pursuit of development.There is one long-known fact: Man cannot stand still. Or progress or regress, there is no third.If the person is not growing and not learning-it degrades. If a man says the phrase "I'm versed in this subject" or "what they can teach me"-personally for me it's the tracker that it should run.And the unwillingness to learn, to listen to other people's experience and even the most contradictory information to extract something useful, only tells om that such a man is very unlikely to be successful.Just, the experience.

3. Its internal balance the desire outweighs laziness.A man who prefers active rest, lying on the couch with a beer all weekend, doomed to languish in obscurity and lack of success in his life and Affairs.With these all is clear in principle.

I think it is very important that the man was easy going.It must be lived by the spirit of Explorer and conqueror.Tired of life, depressed and lazy the male will not achieve anything.Bummer not able to build a successful business.Lover put off till tomorrow and drain things will never be employee of the year.Male prefer Saturday morning walk in the Park, or Museum sitting on a couch not able to become a good father.According to this, if your husband always shrugs off suggestions about outdoor activities, trips and fun activities, merges business and always postpone for tomorrow-you should seriously consider.

4. Used to win and compete.For anybody not a secret that all successful men like to get into a car, apartment, money, women, knowledge, in General, all that can in any way measure. And there is nothing to be ashamed of. Just sorevnovatel spirit, often is the main engine of progress for males. And if you see that your man "just fine", "the car is going and well,""salaries to me is itself enough", then this is not your option. I do not blame these men and think that they are the world also needed, but building in them is akin to those who have the strength just to open a jar of "Lada" in the evening in front of the TV and incidentally, they can easily finish that way.

5. Ready to work.In other words ready to work a lot and productively.Ready to go for their goals persistently and selflessly until you reach the desired result.Ready to invest in the business, self-development, family. Not afraid to fail, and if wrong, then gets up and goes on.In my understanding, is one of the main qualities of "patent men".All the young millionaires, all the top managers I've met are just like that.All.On another, he might not be.Success on the head of anyone not falling, it's something you earn.

6. The patent man is disciplined.

In truth, it was not always disciplined people succeed, but discipline is a big help for those who aspire to achieve great heights in whatever it is. As an example: when in my life and my husband's life was not a daily routine, sports and planning, we felt much worse, slept more, slept less, less time than now, when preoccupied by the question of self-discipline.What I mean by self-discipline:

First, the order of the day. Been known to all that useful early to bed and early to rise.It really works

Second: Planning and time management.If you are unable to manage their Affairs-you are taking control of their lives and their future.

And most importantly: always remember that upeh — thing system. Gave myself to get up every day at 6 in the morning-keep it, for there is nothing worse than to deceive himself.

Summarizing the article will say one thing: if you're in a relationship, and your man did not succeed, in spite of your faith and diligence, if he wants to start a business and do business, but still is afraid of something, although already in his hands, most likely is the term for your relationship for the next 10-20 years. Nothing will change. Neither he nor your wealth.

And the second option: are You in a relationship and see the makings of the potential for your man.Here I congratulate you and genuinely happy. You have the chance to grow from their men millionaire. Develop best in your life,"water" the qualities that you need, be his Muse, encouragement and support, and don't doubt that at the feet of such a woman, once he puts the whole world. published

Author: Alice Bullard

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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