Olga Kachanova: how to raise children, run a household and be creative

Maternity leave is not a death sentence. It is not necessary to dress in a faceless dressing gown, to devote all free time to the child and to put an end to his career and self-development. Our heroine – a young mothers who have managed to resist the routine, found love and found a way to combine a hobby with raising kids. Their secrets to these wonderful women share in the author's videoblogg on YouTube.


Olga Kachanova, mother and Creator of the channel MammaOD To maternity leave she worked as investment consultant, told the customers about the various financial instruments for capital management. Now raising a daughter, Jana, of which 2.5 years and maintains a video blog on YouTube. Channel Olga was a year old. Summary of work: 110 videos about motherhood and 5000 followers.

Photo: from personal archive of Olga Kachanova On stories for the blog

"Subject was defined – "Masca" the topic was as relevant as ever. A lot of personal problems, flow of information on the Internet, the lack of experience and misunderstanding of how to understand the flow of information, which helped to form their own opinions, which I wanted to share it with other moms.

Stories "dictates" life. For example, remove about how to teach baby to fall asleep alone or to go potty, what to feed the baby and what to wear, going for a walk.

I constantly respond to feedback from the audience. It is remarkable that the channel has feedback! After all, girls may to suggest something, submit an idea for a new video.

In the future I plan to highlight broader themes, it means that the channel will be all that interests a woman."

About the shooting

"I try to release videos twice a week. Shoot and edit myself, sometimes he helps press the button on the camera or adjust the focus. Often the frame appears Dasha, we can say that we shoot video with my daughter. In General, the family refers to my hobby positively, because this is my expression, a way to be happy, to escape from the routine.

Used to think that YouTube channel is just a hobby. Now I was completely absorbed in the process of filming boring. So I want to expand the project and to develop itself. Video blog gives you the opportunity to look at ourselves, assess how much better you've become.

Regarding earnings videoblogger, it's funny money. Hardly enough to go to the store for groceries. I am glad that financially I do not depend on your project, all the money that could help out, reinvesting it."

How to do everything

"To combine blogging, child rearing and housework can, since I love to plan. I have a daily routine, if necessary, I adjust the schedule and all the time.

I must say that much more free time I had when 1 year 8 months Dasha went to kindergarten. It's summer – my daughter is almost always with me, but I do not suffer from a lack of time. The secret is to do everything together. For example, I my head, Dasha keeps the dryer; I take your dry cleaning, Dasha will take him on the couch and gives me wet.

Every mom can advise you to organize your schedule, to read the literature on the education of the child and to bring him to home, and to sleep and to radiate positivity. Usually children take much thought mom, this is normal. But we should remember that the child does not end life, it is necessary to find time for yourself. In my case, it's the care and vlog. Do not be afraid that a hobby would take up precious time which you spend with my husband and son. If done right you won't. Personal interests, make life colorful, allow you to not be so tired from the routine.

I wish the moms to discover what is really going to be like, but it needs to try different classes. When dreams outweigh doubts, then found exactly what you need. But don't forget about priorities, after all family comes first".published


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