To live with children or to raise children?

Not all parents, affecting the children they are raising. To educate means to impart useful life skills that turn a kid into a man. To educate, you need to be sensible and conscious, and how often do we in this state are? If you answer honestly, most parents will say, "No!". When the parents, that is just young men and women, live usual way, i.e. not thinking, staying in malaussanne condition, they do not raise children, they with them just live and just to him somehow relate. How? Different...

A large number of parents gave birth to, because "it happened", and is now raising because "where are you going to go away, it's still screaming", and "to me it was less trouble I'll have him povospityvat". Most parents raise their children, so that they are less bothered in my life. They love children, they want less trouble taking care of yourself and it's not education, it is the protection of children.

However, often the situation when parents themselves are decent people, and to educate children categorically do not know. If this sounds like you, if you do not know how to raise children, if your educational activities all just a bad mood — let it go, at least "yet". You don't need to raise their children, instead learn to live with them in friendship and cooperation. Most likely, in this case, your child will grow up a decent human being anyway, and you will save the nerves themselves and others.

However, there are quite decent parents who themselves refuse to educate their children, adhering to the ideology of "I do not raise children, I am with them — live!". For example, the philosophy of one mother, expressing the position of many mothers: "I am the mother of two children. His 26 years realized: the child from its first day of life is a person. Since birth the child feels the physical and mental (dis-)comfort. We — mom and dad — given to him not to "educate" him. Sometimes the children themselves, we (re-)educate. We for their kids — mirror, mirror their feelings. It is parents (or first parents) can teach children to understand and Express their feelings. And it's so important for adult and child to be able to understand yourself, know what you want, and ultimately just to be happy!"

If the parents believe in a positive start to their children, this approach them are often quite satisfied. It should be noted that "Not to raise children, and just live with them, live the soul of the child" — female-dominated style of education, but today this ideology begin to stick and many fathers.

If the parents themselves live crooked and at the same time trying (same curve) to educate their children, the children are two troubles: such parents that they are raising them.

If parents have themselves somehow and they are not to children, not their education, it happens in its own good. Yes, you can't learn anything, but at least do not interfere with life.

If parents are sensible, they live bright and beautiful, and educate their children beyond words and teachings, and the example of his life, his attitude to life and to people is a wise and careful parent, taking care of their children.

However, if the parents themselves living light, clever and beautiful, but also feel confident as educators, know how to raise their children and want to be responsible for the results of their education, ideology "I do not raise children, I live with them" already they are not perfect. It is not to growth, these can and should set more ambitious goals.


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