How to raise a child according to his own rhythm

Children — flowers of life. But not all the flowers grow by themselves. Those which involuntarily admiring passers-by, planted at the right time in the right place, the time watered, cleared of weeds, and the key word here is "time".

Somehow I am the mother of three children, said, "If you had a child, it does not mean that you know how to raise him." The three boys should be well disciplined, that the house was peace and order. But how to do it? They're completely different! Choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic — three different characters, three of the pace of life, three areas of interest — how not to go crazy?

You need to recognize that many parents in these days are learning first and foremost to provide kids and then to educate. In General, "to educate" is an unpleasant word, for including me. In adolescence, we say to parents: "Stop trying to educate!", implying that don't want us to read morality and forced to do boring things.

What is education?

I brought this wording — "it support person in the course of growing up," the.

Yes, we have no time now qualitatively to raise children. We are busy with their activities: work, which is much easier family life, projects, service to society and to the global objectives of humanity, travelling across the world. And consider ourselves a progressive society of the third Millennium.

In fact, just as we are trying to "escape to Nirvana" at the age of 25-30 years, not going all the way of love, family, build your business or develop your skills, and with children — we want them to get older, and circumvent some of the stages of their natural development, missing the opportunity to be parents and not allowing them to be children.

Parenting is often compared to the growing plants. Every careful gardener carefully prepares the soil for their plants, reading books, picks up seeds, looking for their "knowledgeable people" timely planted, carefully, daily watering, inspecting the sprouts on the subject of aphids, pulls weeds from the soil. The gardener is never mad at your flowers! On the contrary, he talks to them, and every morning they are waiting for his arrival. The gardener in the classic sense no longer interested, except for growing flowers. He sees his work great meaning. It is his calling.

Flowers Wake up with the dawn and sleep at sunset, they don't watch TV, but love a clear schedule and regularity of watering.

The first thing to catch in the upbringing of children, is the rhythm. Each child has a clear rhythm: when waking up, when falling asleep, waking between periods of rest, Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, NAP time. Very important is the speed of breathing, of speech, of movement in space: he walks slowly or quickly, said stops or chatters.

Education only happens in the process of feeling the rhythm of the child. By education I understand the process in which imparted important habits and skills necessary for independent living.

For example, the child learned to stand and do exercises, we need to see what time he wakes up, to prepare music, may be programmed musical alarm clock on your phone every day with him to do exercises at the same time for example after 10 to 15 minutes after sleep.

And in order to instill in your baby a taste for literature, it is necessary to allocate 15 minutes between brushing your teeth and laying in bed for daily reading aloud of good books.

German and American psychologists recommend to start reading books and put good music to the children when they are still in the womb from 22 weeks, when they formed the ear and the auditory canal. It turns out that hearing plays or history in the womb not only generates good taste of the baby but also helps him to get used to useful relaxation to the body.

Next, what you need to pay attention is a daily ritual and their sequence.


The formation of the feminine: let the girl be a Princess!

If the child walks on tiptoe


Children by nature are quite conservative, it is very important that we first do: eat, and then brush our teeth, or Vice versa. If we once the child has shown that brushing teeth after a meal, we need:

a) don't forget to brush your teeth after eating every morning;

b) never tangles when we brush our teeth before or after eating.

Clearly observe the sequence of actions will give the child a sense of stability of the surrounding world and confidence in the words of an adult. Then he will tell you what it is, and when they grow up, will know exactly how to raise their kids, it is wise to accompany them in the process of growing up.published


Author: Tatyana Belyaeva


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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