10 movies, which is good for the soul

Each of us is such a "lazy mood" when you want to forget about all your troubles, just get on the couch with a Cup of tea or a beer and watch some easy and good movies. These are the movies you'll find in this collection:

Sex friendship

Thirty one million three hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety eight



The main character of this hilarious film doesn't want any commitments with men. And here, it seems to me that fate brings her with the editor of glamour magazines, which oppresses any hint of a "serious relationship". It would seem that relations between these two freedom-loving people must be perfect. But it was not there.

Veronika decides to die

Ninety six million five hundred forty one thousand two hundred fifteen

After an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide, a young girl woke up in the psychiatric hospital — only to learn that he would soon die from an incurable disease. Oddly enough, but in this strange place Veronica learns to really appreciate every day of my life.

This stupid love

One million nine hundred fifty eight thousand one hundred eighty one

Boring, but familiar and established life of the protagonist is crumbling: his wife is cheating on him and he filed for divorce. This period of his life he meets an experienced heartthrob Jacob, who undertakes to teach him all the intricacies of the art of livin'. And it is very exciting. From time to time…


Thirty seven million nine hundred twenty five thousand thirty six

Loser Nick accidentally saves from suicide with autism a patient in a mental institution. Since then she follows him everywhere... barefoot.

Simple complexity

Sixty one million three hundred seventy one thousand three hundred sixty one

Very sincere and a good movie. The mistress of a prosperous bakery Jane is on the verge of a new novel. It seems that the future is clear and predictable. But suddenly her ex-husband develops rough activity, to whatever was to return the half.

We're The Millers

Ninety five million seven hundred three thousand two hundred three

This story combines a mystery, a melodrama and a Comedy. Quiet guy named David accidentally finds himself involved in a criminal adventure. What would solve their problems, he is forced to urgently create a fake family and go on a dangerous and exciting journey where everyone is given the opportunity to prove themselves.


Twenty two million six hundred seventy three thousand two hundred eighteen

One of the most life-affirming films in movie history. Young black rapper arranged for a nurse to white quadriplegic aristocrat. As a result of such different people a very good team.

The holiday

Four million eight hundred thirty five thousand four hundred eighty three

The story of two strangers to each other women who live on different continents, in dozens of thousands of kilometers from each other, and through the Internet agree to swap homes for the holidays, which is taken simultaneously for two weeks. As a result, small (as it seemed) the adventures of life iris and Amanda are changing dramatically.

Real love

Twenty four million seven hundred fifty three thousand three hundred eighty two

At Christmas everything around is subject to the laws of love. The Prime Minister charmed his assistant, the writer falls in love with the maid, not understanding a word of English, between the extras of the film "for adults" there is a pure and reverent feeling. The many storylines are intertwined in a most peculiar way to come together on Christmas eve.

Always say "Yes»

Forty two million one hundred seventy two thousand three hundred ninety five

Hero Jim Carrey is a General Manager, some millions. His own life seems to him dull and joyless. And he devises his own method of dealing with depression: for all questions and suggestions to answer "Yes". The method is unexpectedly effective, and soon the hero it does to reflection.

Mamma MIA!

Seventy eight million two hundred eighty four thousand two hundred ninety one

In this magnificent musical sound of the immortal songs of the group ABBA, and the decorations are sea, mountains and the amazing beauty of nature. Add to that a stellar cast and realize that the movie Mamma MIA just need to see.

Once in Vegas

Nine million six hundred eighty thousand four hundred four

Two strangers Wake up in bed in Las Vegas which is strange, because these people do not even know. Further-more. It turns out that yesterday they had both drank too much, got married and even managed to hit the jackpot. Realizing what had happened, each of the newly minted spouses begins to wrestle with how to get all the money to the sole use and get rid of the unexpected family ties... posted


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