The most common mistakes that women make in relationships with men

What kind of woman men dream of, when it comes to a serious relationship? It's very simple – they want to see attractive, confident and calm companion. A woman, even the most beautiful, kind, sensitive and with a perfect figure, but you constantly have to cheer up, quickly becomes a burden.

Smart, ambitious, talented and handsome man looking for a women who love themselves and who did not need endlessly to get the partner confirmation of self-worth, importance, and attractiveness.


Let's talk more about love without rose-colored glasses. Here are four of the most common mistakes made by women trying to build their family happiness:

You hit him with questions like "This make me look fat?", "Why are you so said/ did?" or "do You still love me?"These questions, which are very like to ask insecure women, insanely annoying men.

According to representatives of the stronger sex, such questions unsettles them of their senselessness, because they never should have been acceptable for women to answer. Stop asking these questions. If the clothes are too tight your figure, and you know it. But if we are talking about a couple, not ten extra pounds, the man is unlikely to be able to answer the question, was it worth it to you last night to lean on a cookie.

And yet – do not ask a man if he loves you. Never. Words should match actions. If a man said he loves me, but you feel that he is withdrawing from you, then there are more reasonable ways to test his feelings. Questions like, "why you did that or said" make it feel like a guilty schoolboy. You were his mistress, not the mother.

You often say: "Just hold me" even if your man is quite affectionate, often hugging you, and/or pays enough attention to youto be successful, men set themselves small, but achievable goals. Men want to please their women, so to continue in the same spirit, they should be sure that they are the knights in shining armor.

He struggles to pay attention to you – when you are watching football or your favorite show, or reading a book while you are doing manicure. Let him alone – a man needs personal space. If you constantly criticize it and say that this is "not enough", your man will go away, nothing you will not succeed.

Instead of having to constantly be around, let him alone to play computer game or watch a favorite show – and to be together you will be able after your manicure, TV series, or break of a football match.

You get hysterical and jealous, found in his bedroom men's magazines or photo with ex-girlfriendthe Truth is that the man lived a full life before meeting you. And it was mistresses, girlfriends and many other women with whom he might still communicates. If a woman sees the danger to himself in these past and present relationships, that such behavior it causes in men irritation.

If a man has severed this relationship and strongly shows his love to you, then there is no reason to worry about his past. His friends – men and women who do not represent any danger.

Your relationships are associated with such phrases as "Without you my life would be unbearable", "I can't breathe" and "Lost without your love"If you love yourself and you have a great relationship with your partner, you won't think about the fact that without it your life will be unbearable. Of course, you are worried that the breakup will break your heart, but deep down you know he'll be okay and will be able to be happy in life even without him.

You will be able to breathe, even when he ceases to be your man, and you'll never be lost without his love. If you are confident and know what you want from life, you are surrounded by friends and you have a favorite business or profession, then your life will never be unbearable. published


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