Energy pillars — energy centers of the person

If on the Chakras, anyway, I heard most people, about the existence of the energy poles know far not all. Even a few of those who study everything related to energoproektami, or is a supporter of esoteric knowledge know about them. And many of those who know, has only scarce data transmitted from mouth to mouth, and from the few written sources. And now I'd like to tell you about this hidden and integral part of energy of every human being.

If the Chakras are internal energy centers of the person, and adjusts the internal cycle of the energy flow, the energy columns, or "Pillars of Strength" as they are called, they are our energy centers. There are 4 "pillar Strength" and as it is banal they are the energy of primary elements, namely: Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Last in our body is represented in the form of energy of gold. Since gold is a metal, and therefore represents the earth, as mined as ore, but past that is also a carrier of energy jewels, vitality, wealth, and protection.


The energy Pillars are similar to the chakras function, they take from the outside, a certain kind of energy and accumulate it, and they receive the energy of our body and convert it in a particular energy in the external environment. Thus, when we vozdeistviem on the world around us, we act through our Pillars of Strength. Initial energy of the elements in the universe, and especially in our land is very important, because everything that existed, exists, or only needs to emerge, will be based on these elements and their combinations. Communicating with her somehow we communicate with the world, and learning to manage it we get the opportunity to manage and all that is connected with them. Look posts may different, but they are often represented in the Form of carved stone or wooden pillars, and a different color depending on element, consisting of many small sections, each with printed symbols corresponding to the energy column. At high levels of meditation can be seen as a start to rotate sections of the pillars, it speaks of strengthening the validity of energy.

The Pillar Of Fire

Pillar of fire is one of the most important Pillars of Power. He plays a huge role in our body and its reflexes, as well as in the structure of muscles and other things. As a representation of the original energy, on the basis of which was created this whole world, and not only, this column adjusts the basis of our life and our energy.

1. Is situated: At a distance of 20 cm behind

2. Controlled: 1st and 2nd chakra.

3. Controls: Strength, stamina, body muscle

4. Adjust: outbursts of Adrenaline, noradrenaline and other hormones

5. Provides: Security

6. Emotions: Fury, the omnipotence, the omnipotence.

7. Feelings: Anger, Greed, thrift

8. Color: Red (Crimson-Red with garnet glitter)

9. Element: Fire

10. Powers: hyperactive response, power gain, acceleration of movements.

Work with a Pillar of fire, totally safe, and can lead to negative consequences. All the impact energy of Fire is good for the human body. Meditation based on the effects of post-Fire help to mobilize and to deal with diseases and ailments.

The Gold Post

The post Gold is an important element of our impact on the physical world. And energy helps in the Affairs, business and attract abundance.

1. Is situated: At a distance of 20 cm, on the right hand

2. Controlled: the 3rd chakra.

3. Controls: the Hardness of the muscles and skin, strong bones

4. Regulates: the Construction of bones, the healing process and recovery

5. Provides: invulnerability, toughness, as well as wealth, prosperity, and security

6. Emotions: Joy, euphoria.

7. Feelings: the feeling of superiority and wealth, Absolute power.

8. Color: Yellow (Golden color, bright fresh polished gold)

9. Element: Earth (metal, gold)

10. Superpowers: Insensitivity to pain, fast regeneration, invulnerability

Work with gold Post, useful to improve the material conditions, attraction into your life of wealth and prosperity, and to strengthen the body, bones and health.

The Column Of Air

The column of Air is a manifestation of our sensual sphere. He is responsible for emotions, behavior, feelings, and spiritual perception. The energy of the column of air one of the easiest and therefore one of the most difficult to perceive.

1. Is situated: At a distance of 20 cm, on the left hand

2. Controlled: 4th and 5th chakra.

3. Controls: the Heart and lungs. The lightness and airiness of motion.

4. Adjust: the function of respiration and Hearing, and partly the heart.

5. Provides: Lightness, airiness, both in nature and in the movements and attitude to life. Also helps to maintain a harmoniously developed body and elegance.

6. Emotions: Lightness, airiness.

7. Feelings of Glow and satisfaction.

8. Color: Blue (blue with a tint of green and lunar white colors)

9. Element: Air

10. Super powers: Control the element of air, levitation, movement through the air and controls your weight and items around.

Working with columns of Air useful for improving sensitivity, and cognition. Helps to find ease in business and life.

The Water Column

The Water column is the Second of the most important Pillars of Power. The human body on 80% consists of water and all the water in our body is controlled this pillar of strength. It is most important in all that is connected with the purification and modification, as the alteration of an organism begins with the restructuring of the energy of the water.

1. Is situated: At a distance of 20 cm, in the face of

2. Controlled: sometimes the 6th, but mostly and 7th chakra.

3. Controls: everything that is connected with the passage (of water, blood, energy) and water in the body, which means all the process of blood, secretion and excretion.

4. Regulates: Blood and secretion system, one way or another, affects the entire body and every cell.

5. Provides: cleaning and restructuring

6. Emotions: Sublime joy, harmony and peace.

7. Feelings: Ascension, omniscience, clairvoyance, the simultaneous sense of centeredness and relaxation

8. Color: Blue (Navy, Indigo, shimmering purple)

9. Element: Water

10. Powers: Clairvoyance, Snezana, communication with the spirit world, and journeys out of the body. All the hidden functions of the brain and the subconscious. published

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