The man who will ruin your life

When the issue of family violence, be sure to find a nerd who will say: "what about you, honey, just do not realize that your man is the aggressor, the villain, and radishes? Didn't you see that he is behaving like a beast"? Usually this question is answered, that the aggressor in the beginning behaved very well. Just like a cat he acted. And there were no signs. And then it was too late. So, in this case, the victim of domestic violence right and wrong. Bells is always there. Just love make us gullible idiots: what then becomes our pain, which at first seems innocent and even cute.

He is very very caring

Cleans your shoes? Collects you at work a container of home-made food? Personally ensures that you always have pads and without demand burying you nose drops because you're a "silly, and you can miss"? How nice to feel weak and to know that there is someone big and good – the one who won't let you die in a terrible world of fast food and dirty boots. But concern is one thing, but Hyper - is quite another. In the first case, friendly help, and in the second- you're cute, but stupid pet, not capable of anything but sex. Alas, as practice shows, "you're silly" too often transformirovalsya in "where you're going, fool."

Seventy eight million nine hundred eighteen thousand four hundred forty nine

He worried about me

Calls every ten minutes and asks where you are and what you are doing, for example. And if you suddenly do not answer, come with bulging eyes and preinfarction. Carry with you all your Affairs, including pedicures and gynecologist. And he is jealous of her friends and calls them "jealous fools". No, honey. He's not worried sick about you. He is concerned that you still have one of his own, beyond his life. The life that he wants to manage. Careful! SV near future you will roll out the list of places where you can go and list of persons with whom you can meet. In it, of course, presence.

It's so romantic

He did a tattoo with your name on it and wrote under your window "LOVE FOREVER", and when you recently had a falling out, he fell to his knees right in the subway and shouted that he would open a vein, if you throw it? People turned around, and you feel like the heroine of a Hollywood blockbuster? Well then, it seams. This love of exaltation clearly indicates mental instability, tendency to manipulate and the desire to succeed by any means. Vein he opens is unlikely, but the blood you drink.

He is incredibly affectionate

He hugs you, kisses, holds her hand, touches it. Sometimes a little more and a little stronger than I would like. Sometimes where it would be better to do without the hugs. For example, when you have parents visiting. Alas, such a "tactile extravaganza" – a reason to be suspicious. Apparently, "cute" I am confident that you completely belong to him, and therefore he has the right to invade your space at any time. And he is important to all around to see who's the boss and who is the thing. This he demonstrates Lapa you in front of everyone and ignoring your requests to stop.

It was incredibly generous

Showered with gifts, which he obviously can't afford it? Took a loan and bought you an iPhone/car/apartment? Drags you in expensive places and rented a pink helicopter for the weekend? Do not rejoice and brag. First, it proves once again that he's a pretentious idiot, and secondly you are obviously considered a commodity that can be bought. Watch out, one day you can remember and eaten eclairs and a pink helicopter.

He's such a wild sex

Creative, passionate and even a little rude. He can have sex with you at any time, without paying attention to "little things", like your tiredness, malaise or employment. "I want you so, baby that is not able to hold back", he whispers then, and you like. This should be a true passion! That's only in some point you discover that all the initiative comes from it and you just agree. However, nobody asked. And "I want you, baby" has long been deformed, "what are you building here out"?

He plans our future life in details

He started to say "we" from the very beginning of your acquaintance? And almost immediately began to plan your joint leisure, to pick up the furniture in your home and call your future children Thomas, Eremia and Sorry? Nice, of course, that man is so serious approach to relationships. He's just not YOUR plans, and your life where your place is somewhere between your favorite shoes and bag. Your interests do not care about brand. Otherwise he would have asked if you wanted a Sorry and Ottoman in prihozhke, or it may be in your plans for the IBA and Antarctica.

He actually does not like women, but worships me

It usually means "cute" defy all the weak floor in the morning until the evening. All the women he fools, whores and greedy bitches and you alone – the scarlet flower, which he finally met on his arduous journey. If there is a theme of his "exes", there is quite scary. Exes usually prone to schizophrenia, kleptomania, violence and obesity. Don't believe this is impossible. First, he is damn convincing. And, secondly, you know that you are the best of women. Here only, unfortunately, to worship you, he will not last long. Once he realizes that you're not going anywhere, you too will be transferred to any discharge. “Fat and dumb”, “hysterical and greedy” and so on. You will definitely be plenty to choose from.

With him I feel safe. He's a real man

“He kicks broke up the smokers in the entrance of teenagers. He gave himself to me drunk that he almost peed on myself. It is enough to look at other men, and they walk away from me.” This is a difficult point. It is almost impossible to challenge. To be a "real man", so strong, brave and fearless is right. To be with such a man is a dream of every woman. But it is very important in the beginning of the relationship not to confuse courage and aggression. Vital. Because those who are "punched drunk", tomorrow could easily hit you with a foot in the stomach. You, of course, now I'm sure you this will not happen. You're smart, careful, prudent, and if anything, then immediately turn around and leave. But still better look him over more closely right now, while you still can. Yes, he's very good. Yes, he is good. He buries drops in the nose and warm your socks on the battery. Yes, and let digs. Hell with it! But if it's for no apparent reason got into a scandal or a fight, if he yelled at a child or humiliate the old man, if he for once allowed himself to offend in word or deed weak to leave. Happiness will not be here.published 


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