Type of men, from which all run women

I notice that men who are "drained" out of my life for the modern woman, not having lived with them for several years, all of the same type.

What is this type? And why did the woman runs from him, flashing heels, even with a good salary, courageous appearance and reliable potency?

You will be surprised, but this is the type that men find incredibly attractive!

You can throw me in Slippers, but I'm sure most single men, choking on their own poison without women, are "macho". The more aggressive, dominant and strong male looks, the less he is interested in decent women. Many times saw this picture in the "reserves" for disgruntled men on the men's forums. It would seem that a paradox? No!


Twenty six million six hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred


It's not swim against the current, and not a rejection of their feminine nature. No, there is something more serious. The thing is that not only the modern world has changed. But women in it have changed. Now they are increasingly able to stand at the helm. And not just in calm.

The modern woman needs a man other format. Not macho, not. One that will understand.

Brutality is not in Vogue. "A little nicer monkeys" is not a trend. "Smelly, heavy and hairy" in losing.

Loving. Flexible. Are willing to compromise. Here most it.

Take Sobchak. It is, in principle, happy marriage declined only stupid and lazy. How is it the former Queen of glamour – and not in a Golden cage. A casket just opened. Xenia comfortable with the man at which it can be yourself. Someone who doesn't ban it in the high tower, support in work, will share her life's purpose.

But the wife of the strong man is likely sitting at home, in a Golden cage. As Masha Rasputina last 15 years. Once the daring Queen of pop, she turned into homemade chicken. Occasionally out of the house on some gear, and then only with the permission of her husband. How rattled her name once…

It would be a mistake to think that a strong woman needs a man stronger and cooler than her. Such a man will break it, will be deprived of ambition, cut off the wings. A strong woman needs a man who will understand.

Understand night or public work.

Understand controversial sexy photo shoot.

Understand work 14-16 hours a day.

Another, strong, tough, strong-willed, tough – would have rolled up in asphalt. And not figuratively.

I believe that a strong woman makes a big mistake when looking for another cooler myself.

The best that can give a man such a woman is understanding, warmth and support. Everything else is, in principle, can achieve by itself.

Macho is no longer in Vogue, alas! They quietly crying by a window.

Are you one of those who believes that in a couple the man should be stronger than women? published 


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