Raw live vegetables kvass without yeast

Through the process of natural fermentation, the brew acquires a negative ORP. Living water — tasty, without the hassle and devices.

Raw kvass can be prepared in:

  • vegetables (any)
  • the fruit (pomace from juice or chopped fresh)
  • the oats (organic)
  • spices (optional — fennel seeds powder, seaweed, cloves, cinnamon, etc.)



1. Cut the vegetables/fruits/oats arbitrarily (the smaller, the more contact with water).

2. Place in a clean jar. Add spices to taste (I recommend you first try without them). Pour clean drinking water. Cover with a lid.

3. Put quasits in a dark place at room temperature for 1 — 3 days (depending on desired taste). The longer, so it will be richer and more acidic.

4. When the are ready, and if you don't want to Casilla further — put a jar in refrigerator or pour the brew into a separate bowl. Of the remaining vegetables to make a vegetable juice, a salad or other culinary delights.

5. This brew will turn out a tasty raw soup!

6. If suddenly your are at some point pickling covered with mold or mucus is produced, then discard it. This means that the vegetables, fruits or oats was with her spores, or impure. The surface needs to be only transparent bubbles which sometimes rise from the vegetables.

My favorite part of the brew:I have tried many variations of this are, because I cook only your favorite and yet does not want to move away from that option — carrots, cabbage and beets.

Cut the carrots and beets are wide, but very thin round slices (with such cutting vegetables don't fall into the mug along with ready are). Cabbage cut as usual.

Pour the melt with water at room temperature.

Already the next day the brew is light pink. It will be slightly acidic, close to neutral taste of water. It is a good replacement of conventional drinking water. But I like the are for 2 or 3 days, so it's rich in color (beets gives its properties and color of the water) and taste.

For example, I don't like vegetable juice, so give the veggies are from my mom, and she makes them vegetable pancakes or extinguish something. If mom's not around, then just throw it away.

I tried to make kvass carrot and Apple, — good taste on the 1st day (a neutral one like water), but if you keep it on, the taste is ambiguous — I didn't like.


Raw banana lemonadeBanana are my favorite fruit are. On the 2nd day to taste it is like a real fruit lemonade (as was used in the glass bottles) with banana flavor. 2 liter take 3 overripe banana.. If it is sweet enough, rich and "fizzy", hold a little more in room temperature.

How useful raw live kvass:
  • A negative ORP (living water)
Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of brew after 6 hours has a negative value, in contrast to plain drinking water (even melt), which is from +50 to +300mV, that picks up energy from the body for absorption. And are that was Casilla for a couple of days and longer can reach up to -500mV. For comparison, the liquid internal environment of the body — 240мв). However, do not overdo it, otherwise the brew will ferment, which is not very useful for the body.

  • Removes pathogenic fungi and parasites
  • Useful for friendly intestinal flora
  • Has a purifying effect — dissolves old deposits on the walls of the intestine
  • Thirst quencher
  • Saturates rich flavor, makes a variety of the spectrum of emotional feelings
 How much can you drink this brew:Considering all the beneficial properties of raw vegetable kvass without yeast, you can drink up to 3 liters per day, focus on your own sensations, - drink as you want, if you like the taste and after it in the body nice.

Still don't be alarmed if in the early days of its use you will start diarrhea is a sign that the brew dissolve any toxins, and the body flushes them away. It is a sign of purification and a cause for joy. The very next day or two the bowels is restored, and such a reaction will be no more. Next are going to clean your body more gently.

Additionally, about ORP:In this video a lucky owner of ORP meter ORP indicators confirms these kasikov (in this case the oats). The longer the brew, the more it acquires a negative ORP. Subscribe to our youtube channel


For comparison video, where the different measure ORP of water.

For comparison, look at the results of the ORP measurements of saliva.


Author: Olga Miroshina

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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